Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday Currently 3/31/13

Today I'm trying something new on Glitterary Girl. I'm taking the idea from fellow blogger siddathornton to share with you some of the things that are happening with me right here and right now. It's also giving me the chance to stretch my writing muscles in a different way. I can't promise I'll do this every Sunday, but I'll try to participate every now and then!

reading Shanghai Girls by Lisa See on my Kobo. I loved Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, and couldn't wait to read another one by her. I'm also reading tons of blogs. Oh, and I read the obituaries every day.
writing blog posts, ideas for a new venture I'm taking on, and my monthly shopping budget. I've done okay this year so far with the budget, sticking to 4% of my take-home salary each month. I didn't even go nuts with birthday money, although I so could have in Club Monaco the other day. Did I mention I bought a thin cashmere blend layering turtleneck there for $9? I also tried on a pair of patterned pants but decided that the seven pair of colored/patterned jeans I've bought since last spring are sufficient.
listening to Heartbreak Warfare on iTunes. Who is John Mayer dating now? I can't keep up.
thinking that I've eaten way too many empty calories this weekend. Let's count: cheesecake, at least two cupcakes, Krispy Kreme donut, an obscene number of Mini Eggs, apple pie, and two creme eggs. 
smelling B&BW Forever Sunshine lotion. I thought it would be a good scent for Easter.
wishing someone else would mop my floors
hoping that by freezing all my Easter treats (after tomorrow), I will forget about them for a few months
wearing black jeans and a hoodie (Easter outfit is waiting in the wings)
loving MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study. I wear it every day.
wanting to see my far-away friends 
needing to find a black bikini bottom (quick trip to Joe Fresh tomorrow - last week they didn't have my size)
feeling a mix of sugar-high and relaxed from yoga 
clicking on Style Spy to see who the Girl of the Week is. I'm all about street style.

Glitterary Girl

Friday, March 29, 2013

Pastel in Print

When choosing an outfit for my link-up with longdistanceloving, I had to choose carefully. When done in moderation, pastels are pretty. When done in excess, one could resemble a misshapen Easter egg.

Paired with neutral colors, sky high heels, and gold hardware, floral mint jeans make a statement without the overall effect being too juvenile.

Photo by Amanda Brownhill Photography
Shirt: American Eagle Outfitters (Kittery)
Jeans: Joe Fresh (Halifax)
Shoes: Aldo (on-line buy)
Bracelets: Forever 21 (San Francisco) and Le Chateau (Halifax)
Necklace: Forever 21 (San Francisco)

I couldn't resist playing around with a different pastel shade on Polyvore. Bring on the baby pink!

Print and Pink

What pastel shade is your favorite to wear? I find purple to be the most universally flattering.

Happy Easter!

Glitterary Girl

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Cardigan and shirt: Joe Fresh (Halifax)
Pants: Uniqlo (San Francisco)
Shoes: Le Chateau
Jewelry: Gift
Bag: Michael Kors (thrifted via Crimson Clover)

Photos by Amanda Brownhill Photography

You know what makes me uncomfortable?

a) Being alone in an elevator with a creepy person

b) Stubbing my toe (ALWAYS my baby one)

c) Walking behind someone breaking the fashion nightmare of leggings as pants. Happened today on Dal campus. I know it's almost exam time kiddos and you're getting by on Red Bull and melba toast, but please try to cover that up.

d) Sitting on the corner of a wooden box (see above)

What makes you cringe?

Glitterary Girl

Monday, March 25, 2013

History in a Hat

Sweater and chambray shirt: Gap (Halifax)
Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters: Halifax
Boots: Call it Spring (Halifax)
Necklace: Forever 21 (LA)
Earrings: What on Earth (Dartmouth)
Bracelets: Gifts
Hat: Vintage via Grandma

Where my clothes come from is meaningful. I always put where I bought my articles in the "details" section of each post, because remembering where they came from often brings up memories of holidays. In this outfit, my special memory is my hat - it used to be owned by my grandmother, who was a very special person in my life. I think she'd get a kick out of me wearing it!

Glitterary Girl

Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring to Life

How long has this winter been? I don't know about you, but I'm soooo ready to be done dealing with soggy mittens, squeaky boots, and dirty snowbanks. Bring on the sunshine and flowers!

Dress: Gap (Halifax)
Jacket: Danier (Halifax)
Shoes and earrings: Le Chateau (Halifax)
Bracelet, headband and nails: Joe Fresh (Halifax)
Belt: Dynamite (Halifax)

Do you notice a gigantic improvement in my photos? Amanda Brownhill Photography is responsible for it! I fear I'll never again be content posing in my living room with my point and shoot. Amanda is located in Halifax and her other work can be found on her website, blog, and on Facebook. I can't thank her enough for letting me (and some of my wardrobe) spend the afternoon with her.

I'm linked up today with longdistanceloving for her feature on spring looks. Check out what the other bloggers came up with!

Has spring arrived in your town yet?

Glitterary Girl

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dear Navy, Love Green

Navy and emerald is one of my favorite color combinations. It's the right time of year for a splash of spring colors.... but we still need to be reasonable with respect to the climate.

Living in Atlantic Canada, it's essential for a good portion of your wardrobe to be wearable all year round. For example, although I want it to be warm and spring-like right this second, there is (once again) snow on the ground. Le sigh.

This button-up and the green jeans are multi-season items that can be cozy-ed up with the addition of the knit hat and warm scarf. The flats aren't exactly snow-proof but could pass for a dinner date that involves minimal walking outdoors.

How cute are those crown earrings?

Dear Navy, Love Green

I hope you're liking my new hobby of outfit boards... I haven't had many of my own outfit posts up on the blog lately. That will change soon!

Glitterary Girl

Monday, March 18, 2013

Novel Tea: Part 16

For those of you who follow the blog for its (small yet occasionally present) literary component you'll like this post. I haven't shared my latest reading in far too long.

I cycle through times when I read a ton and times when I read not so much. For about a year after I finished university, I didn't want to read anything but magazines because I finally didn't have to read. I'm in one of those times again where I'm not reading as much. If I have some spare time, I'm more likely to catch up on some DVR, read blogs, or pick up a magazine. I know I'll soon circle around to voracious novel consumption again, but for now I won't force it.

I'll share with you two of the four books I've read since the holidays.

Kin by Lesley Crewe was a book I purchased at Word on the Street back in September. Lesley was kind enough to sign my copy and have a short chat with me about persevering with my novel. Lesley told me I was to read Kin myself first, then share it with my family members as we have roots in Cape Breton and this book is saturated with Cape Breton-isms. So far, mom and I have read it and we both enjoyed it very much. It's a novel that focuses on characterization, and by the time you finish the story, you feel as though you know the people you've just read about. Highly recommended and laugh out loud funny in parts, but be sure to have some Kleenex handy too!

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks was one of those books that I couldn't put down. Once I hit a certain part, I was itching to figure out what would happen next. The movie was good, but if you read the book, you'll notice some changes they made to the movie that make it less twisty and satisfying than the novel. Unfortunately, the printed version doesn't have Josh Duhamel, so if you haven't dipped into Safe Haven yet, read it first, then see the movie.

DAVIDsTEA has their spring collection out! I was happy to see Daydreamer -a favorite of mine from last year. So far I've tried Pom Tango and Coconut Oolong. Both are amazing, but I caution not to oversteep or use too hot water for Coconut Oolong as it "burns" easily. When brewed properly it is so sweet. I really love the oolongs. Yesterday I made a quick trip to the mall and couldn't resist picking up a cup of iced Big Apple - a great thirst quencher!

I'm not an on-line shopper generally (except books) BUT that may change soon. Zara now has an on-line store for Canada with free shipping over $50 and free returns. My two main reasons for not shopping on-line (shipping and returns) are not an issue. I saw this dress and died a little.

I'm really into the black and white look for spring/summer and this dress has  faux leather accents - another one of my loves! Also the back panel is black allowing me to sit in all sorts of things (ketchup! mud! cheesie dust!) without ruining the dress. It's hard to tell by the photo, but I think the white on the front is the faux leather part.

Glitterary Girl

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Google Reader news

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Did you hear the news? Google Reader will be no more as of July 2013. Seems like most of the lifestyle blogging people are heading over to Bloglovin to get their fix of new blog posts.

Please click the link above to follow Glitterary Girl!

Bloglovin has made it easy to import the people you follow on Google Reader into your Bloglovin account so you won't have to miss any updates!

Here's a sneak peek into how I spent my Sunday. I've been spoiled by a day in the studio...  my usual point and shoot images are going to look extra sad from now on.

I hope everyone is having a fun and safe St. Patrick's Day!

Glitterary Girl

Friday, March 15, 2013

Rock the Shamrock

I was three days short of being born on St Patrick's Day. For those of you who are bad with math, that means I became a year wiser yesterday. I always thought mom should have made me stay in a few more days, because how great would it to be to have your birthday fall on such a massive celebration?

I'm linking up with longdistanceloving for a post on St. Paddy's fashion. No top hats or large buckled belts in the collage below, but I did throw in a few touches of green and some adorable clover earrings.

Rock the Shamrock

I've got something blogtastic planned for Sunday... no green beer for me! I'll be hard at work in a secret location, and I hope to share some of the outcomes of this adventure with you soon!

Glitterary Girl

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Party Clothes

Before you say, "she wore THAT to a party?" let me explain. The party was for a one year old. I felt the polka dots and the bright scarf would be appropriate to appeal to the crowd (10-ish kids from ages 0-5). I tied the scarf around my ears when things got too noisy.... always thinking ahead!

Cardigan: H&M (Vancouver)
Shirt: American Eagle Outfitters (Halifax)
Jeans: Old Navy (Halifax)
Scarf: Gap (Halifax)
Sneakers: Skechers (The Shoe Company, Halifax)
Bracelet: Gift

Happy birthday Owen! And a special thanks to four year old Miss Hannah for the best hug at the end of the party.

Glitterary Girl

Monday, March 11, 2013

Glymm February 2013

Yes, I know it's March, but Glymm's new shipping policy is to mail the bags out at the end of the month instead of on the 10th. Meaning the bag I paid for on January 18th didn't find me until March 5. Hmmm.

Sadly, this is my last Glymm bag to tell you about. I honestly enjoyed the service up until the past few months. Late bags, problems with on-line shopping, a price hike, less than impressive content, repeat samples, and difficulties with customer service were the reasons why I decided to stop my membership. It was a hard decision because I love getting samples in the mail, but I will likely subscribe to another service once I do some research.

That being said, my last bag was kind of cute!

Hearts for Valentine's Day
First was a sample of Villainess Ginger Snapped Bar Soap. We've had a different sample from this brand before. I actually purchased a full size soap from the Glymm's on-line beauty store and am using it in the shower right now. I'm a total foodie person when it comes to smells so this ginger sample was great for me.

The next sample is frustrating. We were given a bottle of gel nail polish by Nailuv. I normally love getting polish samples, but this one requires a UV light in order for the polish to dry. I'd like to take a survey of how many people own a UV light... so this sample basically requires that I go and pay for a manicure in order to try the polish. Um, no.

The little lollipop in the corner was their treat for Valentine's day (which happened nineteen days prior to my bag arriving). The brown eyeshadow is the color Luxury by Purely Pro. The color was not exciting at all in the pan - a very flat brown. However, when I tried it on, it's not bad and I may even use it on my brows.

Last (and best) was a full sized Femme Couture Monster Gloss in Divine. The color is a little scary in the tube, but is actually really pretty on the lips. The applicator is about double the size of the average applicator, which surprisingly I liked. It smells nice (kind of like frosting) and feels smooth when applied. There is some shimmer to it, but it looks more intense in the tube than it does once it's on.

Here's what it looks like swatched
There was a coupon for 50% off a Shiny Set jewelry subscription (which I won't be using).

So it's with mixed feelings that I'm moving on in the beauty sample world. Thanks Glymm for a great service for the first year or so. Does anyone have experience with other beauty sample subscriptions? I've heard good things about Top Box!

Glitterary Girl

Friday, March 08, 2013

Edged with Lace

It has taken me a ridiculous amount of time to do a collage post. I've been looking at other bloggers' collages with envy and finally decided it was time to set aside an hour and figure out Polyvore.*

*In all honesty, I had to do a collage because I ended up hating the photos I took of my own outfit to link up with longdistanceloving for a post on lace. I'm still blaming my recent photo hate on the weather here (especially the dirty snowbanks).

Edged with Lace

Typical me couldn't go all girly with the lace theme, but the pink clutch and watch added a bit of feminine touch, and I'm in love with the adorable bow earrings. Not sure what's up with the creepy bunny in the corner (she came with the template and will probably re-appear in my dreams tonight).

Glitterary Girl

Topshop shell top

$490 -

French connection

ALDO sparkle wedge

Alexander McQueen colorful handbag

Betsey Johnson metal jewelry