Monday, August 13, 2018

July 2018 Purchases

Every month, I break down my clothing expenses and share them. My quarterly budget is $550. This amount can be rolled into the next quarter if it's not all spent. My goal is to keep my out of pocket expenses within $2200 a year. Gifts and gift cards don't count towards my budget. Since I've been keeping a budget, I'm much more careful with what I buy, and I will return stuff at the end of the month if I'm not crazy about it after hanging it in my closet.

Summer sales were still going strong and July was super hot in NS, so I was all about picking up some new warm weather clothes.

Top: Zara (no longer available on line)
Reg $36, on sale for $16
This top was bought with Pride Parade in mind, but it rained so I didn't go to the parade. The top was cute though, so I kept it.

Shirt: Sunday Best (Montana) via Aritzia
Reg $65, on sale for $25
Possibly the softest button-up ever made. Looks good in a front knot over a dress.

Shorts: The Group by Babaton (Gillian) via Aritzia (no longer available on-line)
Reg $78, on sale for $30
I've already worn these three times. They are pull-on (yay) and really comfy, but don't look sporty. Don't mind the wrinkles, straight off the drying rack.

Hat: Azure Skies (Pelham) via Aritzia
Reg $28 on sale for $16
When there was an unfortunate incident in Punta Cana involving a red slush drink and my straw hat, I knew I needed to find a replacement. I like this one even better than the one I ruined.

Pants: Gap
Reg $80, on sale for $15
I'm a big fan of bright patterned pants for work in the spring and summer. Most of my work pants are Banana Republic, so these are a nice change.

Jeans: Gap (no longer available on-line)
Reg $90, on sale for $20
I wasn't looking for jeans when I found these, but they were so soft and fit really well, so I had to have them.

Tank: Reitmans
Reg 16, on sale for $6
I don't shop at Reitmans often, but I used to love the tank tops from Smart Set (which was owned by the same company) so I went in looking for a green one here and found it.

Top: Reitmans
Reg $30, on sale for $12
When I was shopping for the tank top above, I found this as well.

Top: H&M (no longer available on-line)
Reg $15, on sale for $7
This is such a fun shirt for $7. It's very tropical and reminded me of the Caribbean... perfect to wear in August!

Tank: H&M
Reg $7
Just a basic white tank for layering, hence no photo. H&M tanks are great and cheap.

Earrings: Aldo
Reg $8
The Social had these earrings in a segment a few weeks ago and I went out and bought them. They're a little heavier than I usually wear, but OK for a few hours.

Original value of items: $453
Price I paid: $162
I saved 63%

I have $623 to spend this quarter, so I'm left with $461. I'm guessing the bulk of that will be spent in Toronto in a few weeks. I'll be staying across from the Vaughan Mills mall which has a lot of outlet stores (yay). Hopefully I'll get to Yorkdale too for Uniqlo, Topshop, and The Cheesecake Factory. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect denim jacket (the Levis Ex-Boyfriend Trucker is currently in first place), and I wouldn't be mad about a new red handbag. Be sure to stop by next month to see what I snatched up in the big city!

Glitterary Girl