Monday, December 02, 2013

The Sunday Currently - 12.01.13

Welcome to another edition of what I'm doing on Sunday, published on Monday. I just have to be that complicated.


Reading: I finished Catching Fire on Friday after a four day speed read (hey, that's not bad for having a full time job and lots of other stuff to do besides read). R and I went to the movie last night (loved it!) and it was really fun to watch the movie with the book so fresh in my head. I also finished the November Instyle this morning.
Writing: Not a lot besides blog posts. With the frenzy of the holiday season, I likely won't be sticking to my MWF posting schedule this month, and I'm not going to let myself stress over it!
Listening: To whatever is streaming through the speakers at Starbucks, which isn't Christmas music, thank goodness. I just can't do Christmas-y yet.
Thinking: That I probably need to chill out. I'm admittedly stressed out right now, for no justified reason besides the complete disorder that is in our house right now. We dragged out the Christmas decorations last week but just left them in totes in the living room (so stylish). Then, this morning when I got frustrated with all the stuff on the floor, I thought I'd Swiffer vac the floors to make myself feel better. I should have known better. . . our Swiffer vac's battery is kaput and the charge lasted perhaps three minutes which is long enough to do about 1/3 of our floors. Then I got angry at it. So I put away the vacuum and decided to take outfit photos . . . and it started to snow which is probably not good for my camera so I had to take crappy indoor shots again. Growl. AND Paul Walker died which is just so awful (Varsity Blues is still one of my favorite movies).
Smelling: My venti chai latte (half price for gold carders Dec. 1). Yay!

Wishing: A professional home organization service would be in my driveway when I get home.
Hoping: For some wedding invite inspiration to fall into my lap.
Wearing: The outfit that will be in my blog post this Friday.
Loving: My new Stella and Dot goodies that arrived last week from my trunk show.
Wanting: To be finished with my Christmas shopping. I estimate I'm about 2/3 done.
Needing: To remember to charge my Kobo so I can start reading Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella before bed tonight.
Feeling: Slightly calmer now that I've vented my frustrations to you, dearest blog readers. Thanks!
Clicking: Not enough blogs for my liking. Trying NOT to click on Cyber Monday sales.

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That's me in a nutshell these days. Hope you are well on your way to preparing for an amazing holiday season!

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