Thursday, November 28, 2013

Double Denim for the Win!

When you're part of the blogging world, you encounter lots of contests and giveaways. It's kind of impossible to sign up for everything you come across, so I only do the easier ones to sign up for and the ones where I really really really want the prize. Hash-tagging a photo on Twitter is one of the easier ways I've ever entered a contest, and this time I was lucky!

Remember this gem from last month?

I used #stylicity to enter a contest with MasterCard Canada (the ones who sponsor World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto). They were looking for a Canadian Tux photo, which I just happened to already have...

A week later, I got the great news that I won! I've kept sort of quiet about it as I wanted them to announce it on social media first. Trust me, it was hard not to blab on the blog! Check me out on the MasterCard Stylicity page, in the Twitter feed on the right.

Thanks so much MasterCard Canada for letting me buy a new DSLR camera (or four...) with no reservations! It makes up for me not getting to attend fashion week due to my own poor planning!

Glitterary Girl


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