Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Sunday Currently 12.22.13

I'm inside today, as the forecast is for extended freezing rain. There hasn't been any in Halifax yet but I think other parts of the province haven't been so lucky. 

No outfit posts today, but I was playing around with my camera and took some photos of a few of the ornaments around our house. 

This is a gorgeous decoration made for me a few years ago my R's grandmother. It's a glass present with colored lights inside and a fancy ribbon. So pretty!

Swimming Santa was a souvenir from Australia. It was amazing to be there before Christmas. It's so hot and just a completely different atmosphere than a Canadian Christmas. 

Mr. Penguin was a gift from one of R's co-workers last year. He's so cute! I adore penguins. 

Reading: I just finished Sophie Kinsella's latest - Wedding Night. It was LOL funny in a few spots and absolutely what I would expect from a good, light chick-lit pick. I'm going to start reading a book my good friend gave me a few years ago. It's called One Week in December and I've been meaning to read it for a few Christmases. I read January's Cosmo late last night (the one with Lauren Conrad on the cover). Cosmo is better lately than it used to be, but still not quite enough wearable fashion for my liking. 
Writing: Nothing except blog posts and fax cover sheets at work (which I could probably fill out in my sleep). 
Listening: Thankfully not to Eastbound and Down anymore which was what I was listening to up til a few minutes ago. I don't get the appeal. Lately I've been relaxing it night to Blissed-out Beats which is an electronic instrumental list on Songza. It would be a great playlist for a massage.
Thinking: As my Facebook status said this morning: All wrapping paper should come with the cutting guides on the back. There's a complex pattern on the front - can't be that hard to put lines on the back!
Smelling: Ginger Sparkle body butter from The Body Shop. My scent du jour.
Wishing: A happy holiday for all the people who take time to read my blog. I couldn't do it without all the positive feedback I get. Sincere thanks :)
Hoping: The weather cooperates over the next few days so everyone can get safely to their holiday destinations. I'm heading to my parents' on Tuesday afternoon
Wearing: Leggings and a long hoodie. Later I'll be wearing an ugly Christmas sweater!
Loving: My new Swarovski ornament I won from the Avion lounge at Halifax Shipping Centre. It's so pretty, but I'm terrified to hang it for fear of it falling and breaking!
Wanting: To stay up late on Christmas night and see what's going on for Boxing Day on-line sales! I never usually partake but this may be the year to start a new tradition!
Needing: Sleep. I've been so tired lately even though I've been sleeping fine. I usually always get eight hours but lately my body wants more.
Feeling: Much more relaxed now that my wrapping is done (I think...) 
Clicking: More buttons on the remote than the computer lately. Cleaning my DVR of Ellen The Social, The Carrie Diaries... and fund Gossip Girl of Netflix. Score.

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Have a fantastic holiday dearest blog readers. Who knows when my next post will be up... we'll see how the week goes!

Glitterary Girl

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Megan said...

Seriously - cutting guides on wrapping paper doesn't seem that hard and it would be so much better! You could probably make millions off that haha.

Happy holidays!