Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Hi Fake Tree

I'm on vacation this week (stay-cation) and I told myself I'd take some outdoor blog photos. Enter a raging snowstorm and suddenly the idea of shivering outside in the wind made me cringe. So here is me and the fake tree again.

Cardigan: Kensie (Margolians, Truro)
Shirt: Zara (San Francisco)
Scarf and bracelet: Gift
Jeans: Guess (Moments, Truro)
Boots: Call it Spring (Halifax)
Belt: Levis (Dartmouth)

I forgot how nice it is to have a week off with no major plans. I have some stuff to get done around the house and a much anticipated social event on Thursday, but I have a lot of down time too! I spent part of today snuggled on the couch catching up on DVR'ed "New Girl", which is a nice segue for my Plinky topic.

What technological device could you not live without?

I like all my little gadgets – my cell phone, my iPod, my laptop – but the one that has changed me the most is my DVR. How great is it to be able to watch the TV you want whenever you want? Ok, I remember VCRs, and while they were useful, it took ages to rewind and fast forward, and no one ever remembered how to program them. You always had to worry about your tape running out or someone messing up your recording. Also, with VCRs there were the stacks and stacks of tapes that took up a ton of space. I rarely ever watch shows in real-time anymore. It’s so much more time-efficient to watch them later, when you can skip the commercials. So sorry to the VHS tapes of the original 90210 that are buried somewhere in the depths of a box in my parents’ basement, I’ll be DVR’ing my teen dramas from now on. Speaking of teen dramas, have you seen “The Carrie Diaries”? Love it!

Glitterary Girl

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Jessica said...

the scarf is really cute! and yes getting some time to yourself is important!