Monday, February 04, 2013

Glymm January 2013

Hello cute little cosmetics bag. You're a lovely bronze color!

First up for this month's Glymm products is a repeat. Good thing it's a repeat I like. Burt's Bees Milk and Honey lotion! My own honey introduced me to this a few years ago and it's an amazing moisturizer. I love these little packs for travelling!

Next are two cleansing cloths from L.A. Fresh. I really liked the nail polish remover packs from this company  that were sent previously, so I have high hopes for the facial wipes. The product card says that each wipe costs $3 (what?). Who pays $3 every time they wash their face? The mascara sample is from Lash-M. I haven't tried it yet.

This looks like a really tiny sample of eye cream, but with this stuff, a little goes a really long way. I tried this the other night and it made my undereye area totally silky and I used the teeniest amount. I'm sure this will last me for months, which is fabulous because eye cream is expensive! The company is 360 Skin Care. The scent is strong and planty.... reminds me of Aveda.

The epitome of laziness - I forgot to take a photo of the last item, and I can't be bothered to get out my camera again! It's a decent sized sample of moisture infusing hair serum, which is used like a conditioner and rinsed out. It's called Coolway Boost and is activated by low heat styling, which is a little confusing to me since you rinse it out in the shower before you use the heat... hmm. I'll be interested to see if it works well. 

I liked this month's bag, largely due to the eye cream and the pretty bag. Glymm is increasing to $15 from the current $10 I pay, so I have a big decision to make. While I enjoy my goodies, I'm not sure if the products are any better than before... and the price is 50% higher. That's a big hike, and Top Box is tempting.

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La borsa di Mary Poppins said...

Beautiful pictures my dear! your blog is so lovely!:)
we can follow each other if you want :)
xoxo Gloria

Ivana said...

I love discovering new beauty products! Thank you so much for introducing me to these: I know Burt's Bees of course, but I've never heard of the other ones! I can't wait to hear what you think of them! Following you now :)

Happy Monday!

xx Ivana

Macarons and Pearls

Mary {Em.} said...

these boxes are a nice way to discover new products, although this Glymm one is not available here!

Gina Gao said...

Thanks for introducing me to these!

Marija said...

The Burt's Bees lotion sound amazing! Definitely need to try that one out. Thanks for sharing :)

kasey peggy said...

Love your review!
Please check out my fairly new blog (noobie here :P)

Gen Ole said...

My glymm bag was ok. I really wish the mascara didn't arrive dry as a bone.
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