Monday, February 18, 2013

First Blogiversary

Glitterary Girl turned one year old on the weekend!

To celebrate, I had a cupcake (shocking, I know) and decided to take a peek at some of my favorite style posts from the past year.

Spring 2012. Trip to New England.

Summer 2012. Wedding rehearsal party in Grand Pre, NS

Summer 2012. Wedding in downtown Halifax
Fall 2012. Dinner at the Keg.

Fall 2012. Napa Valley, CA
Winter 2012. Family Holiday Potluck
Glitterary Girl has changed and grown in her first year. What started out as a blog that was meant to focus on my writing and pursuit of publishing my novel has turned into a life and style blog. Nature took its course, and I'm happy with how things are going. Blogging is a hobby that I continue to enjoy, and I wouldn't be doing it if it didn't fulfill my need for a creative outlet.

I'd love to thank all the bloggers who I've connected with over the past year. I've had nothing but positive experiences! I really appreciate those who've taken the time to read Glitterary Girl, leave lovely comments, and follow along through social media. I hope to grow my circle of blog friends in the next year to come!

One of my friends has started a blog as well. Raising Two and Everything Else I Do was born on Glitterary Girl's birthday! Welcome to blogging life Elizabeth!

Glitterary Girl


Ashley Aspinwall said...

Yay! Happy one year :) You always write the sweetest comments on my blog and I am so appreciative!! Have a great week Jen!

xo SideSmile,
SideSmile Style

Stephanie Koch said...

Balloons! Streamers! Cuppy Cakes! Congratulations girl; truly a milestone along with many learning curves. Have loved seeing this evolve for you and connecting with you too! Looking forward to our collab post soon :) xo

Heather said...

Happy blogiversary! I am loving that polka dot dress!

Pearls & Paws

so anthro said...

Congratulations lady-- that's fantastic!! Here's to another great year, can't see what's to come!
xx, Emily

Elizabeth Graham said...

Thanks Jenn! I didn't know our blogs shared a birthday! xo

Kate said...

Aw, happy 1st blogiversary! How exciting!