Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Currently Craving: Patterned Pencil Skirts

In my closet is a solitary pencil skirt - in black. While it's a classic and safe option, I think spring 2013 calls for my lonely pencil skirt to gain a bolder sister.

Pink Tartan
Joe Fresh - not yet on their website

Forever 21

J Crew
Any of these options would look classy paired with a crisp white button-up (fastened right to the top) with a statement necklace and nude pumps.

You could even buy a colorful pencil skirt now and wear it with black tights and a simple black sweater while the weather is still chilly.

Which of these skirts do you like the best? How do you style your pencil skirt?

Time for my weekly writing prompt:

Beach or Forest?

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always loved being near the water. I grew up about an hour from the shore and remember spending a lot of time there when I was a kid. My favorite thing to do at the beach when I was younger besides swimming was to find creatures to watch and poke at (but never harm). The water on the north shore of Nova Scotia is warm so now that I live on the Atlantic Coast, I find the water at the Halifax and area beaches too bleeping cold.
When I vacation in the tropics I’m much more likely to be found at the beach than at the pool. I find the sounds of the beach calming and R and I have driven to the beach a few times just to unwind and read for an hour or two. The only thing that bugs me about the beach is applying sunscreen constantly. Why has no one invented a sun protection pill?
In May, I’m going to Jamaica with my mom and a bunch of other people for my best friend’s wedding. I’ve not been there before, so I’m excited for a week of sun, good food, steel drums, and vodka mojitos. No Jamaican rum for me – don’t ask…

Glitterary Girl

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You are living fabulously. I love it!

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