Monday, September 29, 2014

My Monthly Purchases: September 2014

What a fabulous September it has been! It was packed with social activities (a lot of them wedding-related) and it's been sunny and quite warm most days.

I haven't really switched gears to fall yet - I'm still in the transitional phase. Most of my fall clothes are still packed away and I haven't even pulled out my boots. Tights have not been on my radar either... though one of these years I may crack and buy leg warmers... I think I could possibly pull them off if high boots were involved. Maybe I can stave off true cold weather until after we return from Vegas - fingers crossed!

Here's a rundown of what I bought this month. I'm linked with Franish, so head over and see what everyone else snagged!

Dress: Banana Republic
Discounted from $175 to $50
Do I need another LBD - probably not. It fit so well and was so cute... I'll be bringing this to Vegas for sure! This is listing on-line right now for much more than I paid for it in-store.

Earrings: Beck & Boosh
Discounted from $12 to $7
I finally had a chance to check out the Beck & Boosh kiosk at Mic Mac Mall. I've been eyeing these ladies on social media for quite some time. Their jewellery is so cute, unique, and affordable. Check out their website!

Tee: Target
Regular Price: $17
See my full post on this purchase here.

Shirt: Dynamite
Discounted from $40 to $28
This one one of the options I bought for the first part of my bachelorette party.  I meant to return the shirt I didn't wear, but I really liked it. I like the length of it - perfect for leggings or jeggings.

Shirt: Dynamite
Discounted from $30 to $21
I ended up wearing this to the earlier events of my bachelorette party - see the look here. It was really comfortable and I love the faux leather detail on the back.

Scarf: H&M
Used an H&M Conscious coupon. Regular $13. I got it for $8
I love the dark orange of this scarf and it's the only thing I've bought that's "fall-ish". I'm excited to pair it with my denim jacket.

Belt: Forever 21(not available on-line)
Discounted from $7 to $5
I purchased a beige waist belt to go with a sheath dress I bought last month.

Vest: Smart Set (not available on-line)
Discounted from $60 to $12
I've been wanting either a leather or denim vest for some time now. This is super soft faux leather and I can think of so may ways to style it.

Scarf: H&M (not available on-line)
Discounted from $13 to $7
My old black scarf has seen better days, so I bought a new one.

Value of Items: $367
Price I Paid: $155
I saved 58%

The end of September officially marks the last day of the third quarter. I spent $414 this quarter, leaving me under budget again (yay!), thereby allowing me to spend more in Vegas! If I add the fourth quarter budget ($500) to the money I had left over from earlier months (about $150), then I can spend $650 for the rest of the year... or  can buy barstools for the new house. We'll see where the money ends up!

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