Monday, September 15, 2014

Target x Altuzarra

Oh how I adore Target designer collaborations! I was up bright and early on Sunday morning to explore Altuzarra's new line for Target. I had no competition for the goods - the store was almost empty.

I was open-minded and tried on a bunch of things, but ultimately only walked away with the one thing that I expected to buy based on the photos I'd seen online.

The first thing I tried on was a STUNNING black trench coat. This would have come home with me if it were a bit shorter. Being 5'3'', this length was not flattering for me unless I were to wear sky-high heels all the time, which just isn't going to happen. The lighting in the fitting room didn't do this coat justice - it is beautiful in real life.

Haha! I look like a scary criminal. I could have cropped my head off but it was just too funny.

This animal print didn't do anything for me, but it would look great on someone who can pull off very warm toned patterns.

I didn't get a photo of the ankle strap heels on me. They were beautiful, but too wide for my very narrow feet.

Image from Target

 This printed skirt was really flattering, but given that I already own a snakeskin skirt that I haven't worn yet, I probably couldn't justify spending the $35 on another one. Plus, the slit was too high to be worn to work.

 I really liked this one-piece dress, and I'll watch for it to go on clearance. I find that Target puts the collaborations on for half-off quite quickly (usually 3-4 weeks after the release), so unless  I can't live without it, I tend to wait for them to go on sale.

What a fun coat! I found the fasteners hard to manage though and felt the all-over faux fur a bit too overwhelming for my small frame.

This was the piece I ended up getting from the collection. It was a toss-up between this tee and the bow-blouse in the same pattern, but I figured the tee was a bit more versatile - I can dress it up or down.
Image from Target
The blouse version

I'll be checking out the other Target stores in the area (I only hit up one of three on Sunday) for missing pieces. I hope to see the two styles of boots and the green snakeskin pieces. Different stores get different pieces of the collection, so be sure to check all of the stores you can if you don't' find a certain piece. Take a peek at the whole collection here.

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