Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: The Bachelorette Party

I could barely contain my excitement! It started on Thursday afternoon, when one of the girls at work brought a giant bouquet of flowers to me at my desk. I had no clue who they were from, so I ripped open the card. I had to read it three times before I understood what it meant.

From my maid of honour and best friend, who by-the-way, lives in Ontario, the card said she was sorry to have missed my shower a few weeks ago (which I will do a post on soon, I promise!) but the only reason she didn't come was because she'd already planned to be in town for my bachelorette party... which I knew nothing about! So it was a surprise up until two days before the event! Perfect!

I spent Friday night painting my nails and toes, packing a bag, and deciding what to wear.

Saturday afternoon, I was whisked away (after giving giant hugs to my MOH/BFF) to an incredible hotel suite with a giant private balcony,  a harbour view, and two kitchens!

The first event was a wine and chocolate pairing at Obladee. We had two white wines and a red wine to pair with three different types of chocolate. Our wine guy was very knowledgable and taught us how to swirl and sniff and search for "notes" in our wine.

After the wine and chocolate we went back to the hotel, where there was a ton of food and drinks to be indulged in! MOH/BFF completely outdid herself with all the preparations. She should probably moonlight as a caterer.

We played a few laid-back games, I had many stories told about me, and the girls dressed me up in lovely accessories!

Dress: Dynamite
Shoes: Nine West
Accessories: From the imaginations of my beautiful friends

Next, we went to Taboo for VIP bottle service. Drinks and dancing ensued. It was a wonderful chance to get together with some of my absolute favourite girls and have a night that rivalled any night I've ever had on the town. I seriously had the most fun I could ever imagine having and I was so touched that my friends (especially MOH/BFF) put that much effort into making sure I had a great time.

Even my drink had an accessory.
Hope you've enjoyed the post! We're four weeks away from tying the knot!

Glitterary Girl

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Elizabeth Graham said...

Oh Jenn! Sounded like a blast. Wish I was there. Sending many hugs!