Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Currently 04.13.14

Sundays at Starbucks are great. I'm going to stay positive, even though my favorite table is taken and I'm stuck in a non-inspirational corner. It's a sunny, (relatively) warm day and I get a few minutes to stretch my writing muscles with Sunday Currently (linked with siddathornton).


READING: The Fields by Kevin Mahar on my Kobo. It's a fabulous read so far, full of Irish things, which I have an attraction to.... except too many names with "bh" in them. How is "bh" pronounced anyway? And then there is "dh"... On deck is The Ocean at the End of the Lane. I plan on doing a lot of reading in the next week!
WRITING: Not much sadly. I'm committed to making this post a beefier version of my usual Sunday Currently though. 
LISTENING: Starbucks peeps have decent tunes flowing today, kinda upbeat as far as coffee shop music goes, which is easier for me to write to. I happen to be sitting on the other side of the half wall where the machines are, so I'm getting a fair bit of sputtering and steaming noises too. 
THINKING: Of one of my exes. That sounds not-so-appropriate for an engaged girl, but this is someone I was incredibly close to for a long time, and he lost a parent last week. I was dating this person basically for the entire time I was a teenager, so his family is very important to me. That was fifteen years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. I struggled with whether to attend the services or not, then decided not to, for as close as we were at that time in our lives, I know he has a wife and two gorgeous kids to get him through this hard time without ghosts of girlfriends past showing up and crying (which is definitely what would have happened). 
SMELLING: Like the new Body Shop Raspberry perfume I nabbed at a Love Your Body party last week for $5. Raspberry has to be my favorite fruity smell. The body butter smelled amazing as well but was extremely heavily scented and not great for someone who works in a scent free environment and I'd be too tempted to wear it to work. They did my makeup too, with a darker eye than I usually go for.

WISHING: I was as conscientious in my personal life as I am at work. I used to rarely procrastinate. I still don't procrastinate at work, but I put things off on my personal "to-do" list, especially related to the wedding. I am SO excited for the wedding, but yet it takes me forever to confirm each and every little thing. Every time we do confirm something it feels amazing, so I don't know why I keep putting things off. Maybe I should have hired a wedding planner for the destination wedding, which sounds ridiculous considering there really isn't that much to do. I vow to you blog readers, that I will have the DJ/lighting and the hair/makeup deposits done this week! 
HOPING:To feel very relaxed after our vacation this week. R and I are heading to Vancouver for a wedding (yay!), and it's the first vacation we've taken together since San Francisco in 2012. We really need to make travel a much bigger priority, but it was a busy year with the dental practice opening. I don't think with a city vacation that we will be doing a whole lot of actual relaxing, but at least it's time away. With a 7 hour flight, there will be plenty of downtime (hence the books loaded on my Kobo now). I'm taking a bit of a blog break while I'm away - I'll post this Tuesday and then not again until the following Tuesday. 
WEARING: Cambio jeans, graphic sweater, ankle boots, and what R calls my Michael Jackson jacket (blog post of same next week)
LOVING: My white blazer. I've worn it twice this week. I don't love how easily it wrinkles though. If you don't have a white blazer it really is a fabulous addition to your closet. 
WANTING: Club Monaco to put their sale stuff on for an additional 50% off in stores so I can justify the dress I tried on. I do not in any way need a new dress but my gosh it would look fabulous with my pink heels... and I do have a wedding to go to next weekend...
NEEDING:To be more responsible with how much we spend on food... more specifically how much we go to restaurants and have take out. There are ways to engage socially without going out to eat every weekend. I see "let's meet for a drink" and "let's go for dessert" to be happening more in the future. 
FEELING: Hopeful that big plans we have will work out! Not ready to share with the blogosphere yet, but maybe I'll be able to soon!

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