Monday, February 03, 2014

My Monthly Purchases: January 2014

January is a very interesting month for shopping as a LOT of winter merchandise goes on sale. Weirdly, there is spring stuff in all the stores now even though it's crazy to think about spring yet here in Halifax.

Black Cardigan. Vera Moda from Envy
Discounted from $35 to $17.50
I can't find a photo of this or a link to buy on-line. My other black cardigan had been worn to death and needed replacing. This is a pretty basic medium-weight button up cardigan with long sleeves and was on  my list of things I needed to get.

Jeans from Gap Factory Store
Discounted from $65 to $18
These are super-comfy and I love the vertical stripes. I've been feeling blah about my existing jeans, so decided to do something about it this month

Jeans. Rock & Republic from Crimson Clover (consignment)
I don't even want to venture a guess as to how much these would have cost the original owner. The brand went bankrupt in 2010 and was sold to Kohl's where you can get budget versions of the jeans. The original ones went for prices as high as $400. Yes, I have had them hemmed since this photo was taken.


Vest from Joe Fresh
Discounted from $40 to $15
Replacing my old black puffer vest. The red version of this is still available on-line.

Pants from Reitmans
Discounted from $50 to $5
No longer available on-line.
These are actually pretty cute for $5. They are black with a tiny gold pattern throughout. I've worn them to work already.

Scarf from Dynamite
Discounted from $23 to $8
I've had an obsession this winter with plaid scarves and this was the perfect price to justify buying another one.

Knitted Plaid Scarf

Blazer from Dynamite
Discounted from $47 to $12
No longer available on-line
I haven't worn this yet because I have to de-wrinkle it. I have quite the collection of blazers now. This will be great all year round as it's a bright white. I'll snap a pic soon!

Sweater from Dynamite
Discounted from $50 to $18
Long enough to wear with leggings! This color was missing from my closet as well. I'm getting really lazy with outfit shots... I wore this a few weeks ago to a wedding show and should have taken a pic.

Shaker Stitch Cowl Neck Tunic

Hat from Le Chateau
Discounted from $30 to $10
A seriously cute hat!

Wool Fedora

Stevie Necklace from Stella & Dot (image found on e-bay)
$20 (was $94 new)
My Stella & Dot stylist Erica was purging her inventory and sold me this lovely piece.

Total spent this month: $153.50
Total value of items: $484 (with more for the R&R jeans...)
Saved 68% 

A few dollars over budget (and I knew that before I bought the necklace, but how could I say no) but I'm happy with my deals. February brings shopping excitement in the form of a new Target collaboration. I will try to keep my spending to a minimum this month as we are headed to Vancouver in April (yay!) and I'm sure I'll find some things to buy there.

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