Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday Treasures: Hair Masque

One of my friends in university said something very wise to me... "Don't feel guilty about spending money on your hair. It's like an outfit you wear every day". True enough!

My hair used to be really thick. Like struggle-to-get-a-hair-elastic-wrapped-twice thick. A few years ago, I molted, much like a bird shedding its winter under-feathers, only my hair never came back in. If I were a bird, I'd have to permanently relocate to Arizona.

My hair has kept its course texture, just without all the bulk. Even though my drying time has been cut in half, my hair still gets moisture deprived, and I highlight the heck out of it. A masque is a necessity in my shower.

Pick your treasure: What's your favorite hair masque?

My pick: Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Masque

I use this about every two weeks (every 4-5 washes). I've had my tub since September and estimate I've used maybe 1/4 of it, so I should get over a year's use out of it. You use a very tiny amount, and apply it fast as it "melts" quickly in warm wet hands.

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Glitterary Girl


fabuglam said...

Yay! I have recently been looking for a new hair masque and was thinking about getting this Moroccan Oil one but was a bit hesitant because of the price. Now I feel better about buying it if it will last me even 6 months. Thank you!

Girl and Closet said...

I use Moroccan oil but have yet to try their mask. Oooh, this sounds divine though, can't wait to get my hands on some!! xoxo

Jacynta Walsh said...

I have to admit my hair gets the smallest amount of my attention. but you are right, you have to wear it everyday so maybe i should put more effort into it


Jen said...

Thanks for commenting ladies! Be sure to check back on Tuesday for my latest treasure. xo