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My Monthly Purchases: December 2013

One of my favorite things about my blog in 2013 was the addition of the monthly purchases post. It makes me somewhat accountable for what I buy, considering I'm trying to stick to a monthly budget.

Early December tends to be a slow shopping time for me, while later in the month, Boxing Day sales usually seduce me. I bought some items from Zara on-line, but sadly they weren't suitable and I had to return them (transparent plaid pants... really?). Thankfully, returns are free from Zara!

Suede gloves from H&M (no longer available on-line)
Discounted from $29.95 to $7
These were just too cute to leave for the price! They fit me (size small) which is rare because my hands are tiny. Most of my mittens and gloves are neutral colors so these are a great addition, and our winter has been brutal already, hence the need for fun outerwear to keep me sane.

Sparkle Skirt from Joe Fresh (no longer available on-line)
Regular price $29
For the past few years, I have been eyeing the holiday collections from Joe Fresh and I almost bought a sparkle skirt last year. This year, I knew I'd be going to dinner and a concert for New Year's Eve and didn't want to be in a fancy dress so the obvious choice was a sparkly skirt that I could dress down with a plain top.

Black top from Joe Fresh (no longer available on-line)
Discounted from $19 to $6.94
A week after I bought my sparkle skirt, I saw this top on clearance and decided it was the perfect pairing. The scoop neck dips lower in the back. I was in far to big of a rush on NYE to get a blog photo, so at some point when I have time to get a bit glam, I will put on my NYE outfit and post it. I'll do a countdown and everything...but no confetti.

Black shirt from H&M
Regular price $12.95
I have way too many black shirts but I really liked the sleeves on this one. It's very cute and I'm surprised the price was so low.

Everything below was bought with money saved on a price adjustment on a Christmas gift! 

Plaid shirt from Old Navy  (no longer available on-line)
Discounted from $28 to $14
A plaid shirt was on my list of items to snag after Christmas, as the one I already own has been through the dryer too many times and the buttons are starting to gape. I love the bright colors in this one! Navy and green is one of my favorite color combos.

Chelsea boots from Old Navy
Discounted from $37 to $18.50
This purchase was meant to be. I was walking through Old Navy, mentally complaining about how the desert boots I was wearing were hurting my feet, and I saw these on for half price. To the donation bin you go, desert boots.

Black and white merino wool sweater from Club Monaco
Discounted from $90 to $30
A white sweater was also on my wish list. I was planning on getting plain white but I really liked the softness of this one, and while it might not be quite as versatile as plain white, it will get a lot of wear.

Two layering shirts from Smart Set (black and gray)
Discounted from $29 for 2, to $6 each
A decent selection of layering shirts are a must for me, and these ones are really soft and comfortable. Very basic, you don't need to see.

Sweatshirt from Smart Set (no longer available on-line)
Discounted from $35 to $18
I already have a lighter grey sweatshirt but I couldn't resist the faux leather detailing on this one. I hope the sweatshirt trend sticks around... so comfy and so fun with a statement necklace.

Total purchases for the month: $148
Total value of the items: $310
Saved 48%

Net spending (minus the Christmas money): $55 

I've crunched the numbers for the year and my grand total of spending on clothing was $2093. My goal expenditures was $1700, so I was several hundred dollars over. Considering the amount of clothing I bought this year, this actually seems like a decent price! Especially considering there are ten pairs of shoes included in that figure!

How did you do with your expenditures in 2013?

Glitterary Girl

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