Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Oversized Chevron

Lately I've been feeling a more casual vibe when it comes to what I'm wearing. It's a phase I'll embrace because it's so blissfully comfortable. Now that the snow is almost gone... see just the tiny slice of it in the background... I'm sure these wedge sneakers will be in high rotation. 

Sweater: Kismet via Bootlegger (Halifax)
Jeans: Calvin Klein (Costco, Halifax)
Sneakers: Skechers (The Shoe Company, Halifax)
Bracelets: Suzy Shier Forever 21

I picked up a few bracelets at Suzy Shier the other day for 40% off. Do you see the little skulls? My nails are Sally Hansen in Mint Sorbet.

I've been slacking with my Plinky writing prompts and haven't done one in a few weeks.

What activity, task, or game brings out your competitive streak and why?

I'm not much for competitive sports. Little league baseball was my sport for a few years as a kid, and I did intramural volleyball in junior high. As an adult, I stay active by doing independent fitness.

I wasn't a terrible athlete, but I wasn't great either - I was better at academics than sports. I didn't develop that competitive streak, where all you can focus on is the game and winning it. I was content to watch from the sidelines and cheer on my friends.

For some strange reason, there is one specific activity that brings out the fire in me. Mini golf.

I'm not a golfer, but my dad is and I've probably inherited some little bit of natural talent from him. I get excited when I play mini-golf and see those little set-ups with the slopes and tunnels and all the walls I could potentially rebound off of. Once someone suggested that we not keep score. Imagine! Of course score must be kept - and mine will be the highest.

Glitterary Girl

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