Friday, April 19, 2013

Flashback: Neon

Me and neon go waaaay back. I'm going to guess that around 1990, there was a year of my life when I was wearing neon every day. If you took a peek into my closet, you'd have found:

  • Black bicycle shorts with neon side stripes
  • Neon socks (I'd wear a different color on each foot)
  • A Sun Ice ski jacket (I don't ski). It was full-on neon. Pink, orange, and yellow.
  • Neon scrunchies and banana clips 
  • Those skinny rubber bracelets
  • Too many NKOTB t-shirts (one even had neon lettering)

I was over saturated with neon.

The result.... I'm not really embracing its comeback due to past overexposure - until I found this bag.

Isn't it a perfect pop of neon without being too much? I love that it's yellow! Since I don't like how yellow looks on me for clothes, I can now wear it in an accessory.

Jacket: Gap (ancient... maybe not from 1990 but dangerously close). Gap lasts.
Tee: Joe Fresh (Halifax)
Jeans: 7 for All Mankind (Century 21, NYC)
Shoes: Miz Mooz (Town Shoes, Toronto)
Necklace: Random New Zealand find
Bag: Gap (sale section $13.99)

Do you have any nostalgia for neon? Do you like it for 2013?

Glitterary Girl


Blue Dog Belle said...

Loving that bag girly! I've been super hesitant to get in to the neon trend, but I think I could handle this!

Stephanie Court said...

That bag is the perfect way to incorporate neon without feeling like a highlighter leaked all over you. And I totally wore a different neon sock on each foot, too. I really loved pairing pink and yellow for some reason...

Sara Miller said...

I'll admit it: I love neon. But I agree that it's best in small doses. This bag is a great mix of neon and neutral-- my fave!

Elizabeth Graham said...

Neon socks and NKOTB shirts! Definitely a flashback! But Neon is everywhere this season...the bag is a nice touch of it.

Emily Devine said...

Oh my gosh...that bag is amazing. And what a steal! I love how it pops against your neutral outfit.

A Devine Life