Sunday, October 28, 2012

Glymm October 2012

I came home from San Francisco to find something fun in the mailbox!

Pretty pink bags and two pink ribbons for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Thanks Glymm, for making this month's bag a good one! I was beginning to doubt you after the last two...

First, was a sample size of Johnsons' Baby Oil to promote a Glymm Mama bag they are going to launch soon. Not sure if it is a monthly service or just one special bag. This will probably get thrown in my bag of baby shower gifts, since my friends are constantly procreating.

Next was a duo of face products from a line Glymm has featured before - Cyberderm. This time we received a sample of H2O Hydration and Every Morning Sun Whip. I tried them, and they were fine but nothing special. I've never understood the concept of having separate day creams/sunscreens. Why not have the sunscreen in the cream so you can skip a step?

The sample of Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme smells so good.... I love foodie smells! I tried this on my hair the other night. I wasn't exactly sure of the instructions - it said apply a nickel sized amount to soften crunchy curls. I assumed they meant to apply it when hair was wet from the shower... so I did. My curls turned out soft and not frizzy at all! I also used some today to tame my slept-on dry curls and it made them look much more presentable (but I still wore a hat).

Last was a sample of Lash Card mascara shields and the full-sized Femme Couture Lightning Lash mascara. Can you believe that I opened a new Maybelline mascara HOURS before I got this in the mail? So, I won't try the mascara until my current one runs out. Actually, I always end up throwing out mascara at the six month mark before using it up. I haven't tried the lash card yet but I will soon. It helps prevent mascara from smudging. I never use mascara on my bottom lashes for this reason, so maybe this will be a miracle worker for me.

Overall, I was impressed this month. Thanks Glymm for bringing back the product card and including a full-sized make-up sample. I'm going to place an order at Glymm soon to use up my loyalty points. Has anyone tried Butter London nail polish?

If you'd like to join Glymm, you can use my link:

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