Thursday, March 29, 2012

Glymm Box: March 2012

Yay for pretty pink boxes!

Ocean Nail Polish (full size). Retail price: $12

A very pale color - White Opal. It goes on iridescent.

It's much lighter and conservative than my usual, but I like it. It lasted 5-6 days and that's really good for me since I put on and take off about 15 pairs of medical gloves a day and use ridiculous amounts of antibacterial gel.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Hydrafull Gloss. Retails for $27 in full-size.

The shade is called Moi, and it turned out a nice shade on my lips, although not as dark as it appears in the bottle. The texture is sticky - very similar to MAC Lipglass. If the wind blows your hair while wearing this, it's going to cling to your lips for sure.

Lise Watier Flash Lift Radiance.

This was a repeat product from a few months ago. It's a serum that goes on clean skin to make your skin look all glowy. I liked it, and it wasn't sticky.

M. Asam Magic Fini. Retails for $38 full size.

This is a cream foundation and worked to make my skin look even and soft. I liked the texture but not the color. It was too dark for me and R asked why my face was a different color than the rest of me. On the Glymm website, it appears to be available in only one shade. Odd.

Nu.Me Feather Hair Extensions. Retails 3/$25. They gave me 3!

Love the idea. Not thrilled with the color. Or the fact that I need extension pliers to affix them. I don't think the average girl would be able to attach these without the aid of a hairdresser. Since they're kinda green, I was going to wear them on St. Patrick's Day with a bobby pin ... but my hair was curly and although the info sheet says they can be curled, my hot as Hades curling iron would not curl them. Stay tuned to see if I ever wear these.

For $10 a month (plus tax but free shipping) you can get your very own Glymm Box!
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Fash Boulevard said...

fabulous items. the cream sounds amazing. thanks for sharing, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear what you think of my latest Rachel Zoe dress. xo

Sandra Leiva said...

Nice products! <3

Emily said...

Love this post! I have never been brave enough for the feather extensions, but I think they are so fun!

t said...

Looks like nice stuff!