Thursday, March 01, 2012

Capsicums and Elephants

Every so often, I hope to post about the jewelry I find on my travels.  It's almost always cheap and random, but the baubles I gather in foreign places are the ones I reach for first.

Back in 2005, I was fortunate enough to visit Fiji. It was my first major destination  (besides stopovers) on a year-long backpacking adventure. My travel buddy was Janet, and the time we spent together on our journey was nothing short of amazing.

Janet and I were jet-lagged and culture-shocked. Our bodies were rejecting the change in temperature from a chilly -20 degree Celsius Canadian winter to a blistering +40 degree Celsius Fijian summer (southern hemisphere for all those who slept through geography class).

Our first night in the hostel (private room cost a whopping $30 a night) I was a basket case, because while we arrived safe and sound, my backpack containing EVERYTHING I NEEDED FOR A YEAR did not come off the plane. All I wanted was a drink, something familiar to eat, and my own underwear (thanks Janet.... good thing we're the same size). We went to the hostel restaurant and looked at the pizza menu. All the pizzas but one listed capsicums as an ingredient. Janet and I looked at each other and shrugged, neither of us having a clue what a capsicum was. So we ordered the plain cheese pizza.

About two weeks later, at a grocery store in New Zealand, we learned that the threatening-sounding capsicum is  just a green pepper.

The next day, we went wandering in the town of Nadi and I found this bracelet. I love brown and elephants are just cool.... I think it cost about $3.00 CAD.

I've worn it countless times, and recently one of the orange stones fell out of it. I'll probably pry the other one off soon for the sake of symmetry.

Two days later, my backpack arrived. Her name is Mabel and I hugged her for a really long time.

Glitterary Girl

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