Friday, March 23, 2012

Novel-Tea: Part 4

This isn't a novel, so I know it's going against my novel-tea rules. What it is - a freaking funny and eclectic jumble of musings from my favorite talk show host ever. Ellen!

I love her show, and when I was unemployed for several months last year trying to finish my novel, almost every day I'd watch her show in the morning from 10-11 and then write. Now that I've joined the workforce again, I DVR her. I love her dancing, pranks, and surprises.... especially when she helps those who are facing troubled times.

I've never paid attention to who I hear in my head when I read. Throughout this book, I heard Ellen's voice, like she was reading the book to me. It was a nice distraction from hearing my own voice, which is how I normally read. I don't make up voices in my head unless I KNOW the voice. Speaking of...was anyone else soooo relieved to finally hear the first time someone said "Hermione" in the Harry Potter movies? Did anyone else call her Her-me-own?

Did you find that last paragraph annoying? If so, you might not like this book, because it's written as if someone crawled inside Ellen's head with a computer and just started typing the contents in random order. It's all over the place, but I really liked it, and I think most people would. It made me laugh out loud more than a few times.

I wanted to pick a tea that was bright and uplifting to match Ellen's spirit. I needed some black tea for when I require a caffeine boost. Lately I've been tending towards herbals and rooibos which are sans caffeine.

Meet Paridise Found from DavidsTea.

It's so pretty!

I've only had it hot, but can't wait to try it iced.

The color on my nails is OPI -  Hopelessly in Love.

The weather in Halifax was CRAZY HOT this week. We had two glorious days that shattered all temperature records. Do you know what I feel compelled to do when I'm faced with 27 degree weather in March?

Buy something summery.

So I did.

American Eagle skinny jeans

However, it's now back to normal here (cold).... so stay tuned for the next heat wave to see how I incorporate colored denim into my wardrobe. Thanks for the tease Mother Nature.

Glitterary Girl


Shannon said...

I love Ellen too! She's the funniest woman ever! :) Love your new jeans. I've been looking for a fun pair of bright colored jeans. Yours are just perfect!

Thank you for stopping by my blog.

Jen said...

Thanks! The jeans are actually really comfy and were only $44.50. Who knows how long colored denim will be wearable, so no need to break the bank.