Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Birds and Birdbrains

Let's discuss Ben.

Ahhh Ben.... you stand there with your rose looking all charming and sensible.

Now, I liked Ben in Ashley's season of The Bachelorette. He was nice, endearing, and slightly awkward (but in a good way, not unlike Justin Long).

On the first night of The Bachelor, I was pleased he gave the first impression rose to Lindzi (not a fan of her parents' choice in spelling her name). She seemed fun, down to earth, pretty, and not afraid to stand out -  the girl came in on horseback!

It bode well for his decision-making skills.... or so I thought.

Here's how I thought the final four would look like: Lindzi, Jennifer, Emily, and Kasey B.

All but one of these NICE girls are gone. Courtney remains.


For those of you who aren't following the show (are you still reading?) Courtney is a model who has been really rude and manipulative and has treated the show as a game (complete with a cheeky "winning" coming out of her mouth every 2 minutes). Ben's been warned by several girls that Courtney has behaved like a weirdo, yet he's chosen to shrug off their claims and keep her around.

I hate having surprises ruined, so I haven't looked at any of the spoiler sites out there, but I'll share my prediction.

When Ben gives away the final rose, I think it will be Courtney accepting it. Why else would he keep the girl around who so many others have warned him about unless he thinks he's in love with her?


Now on to my favorite new purchase. I was browsing in H&M the other day, and came across the cutest rings. I was actually looking for a starfish ring I saw on-line, but couldn't find it. Instead I perched these cuties on my finger.

Sorry for the bad angle.

And they fit! I usually have a hard time with costume rings because my fingers are small. I love that I can wear them together or one at a time. They even look cute wearing one on the index and the other on the middle finger.

Cute little birds are in this season. I love this blouse but the base color probably wouldn't look great with my skin tone (ghost-like).

Is this chick real? She looks computer-generated.

For those of you reading from Halifax, it's forecasting 12 degrees tomorrow! Maybe we'll see some birds. I'm hoping for flamingos.

Glitterary Girl

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