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Glymm Box- February 2012

My name is Jen, and I am a product junkie.

Trying new stuff is fun - especially when it's free or cheap. Getting mail is fun too (unless it's bills).

I found a website called that sends out customized beauty samples each month for $11.50 CDN (shipping included). My BFF and I decided to gift each other with a six month subscription for Christmas. You fill out a survey of what you like and don't like and they send you samples based on your preferences.

I've received three boxes now, and I'm pretty impressed. The box it ships in is pink, and when you open it, there's another pretty box inside.

It's a glossy, high quality box that will be put to use storing something in my closet or drawers when I feel like spring cleaning.

The card sitting on the top has the product descriptions of the samples on the back and how much it costs to buy the full size. All products in the  box can be purchased at, and shipping for your order is free if you buy a product from that month's box.


I've tried all the products from the box except for the brown square which is a blotting/bronzing paper. My skin is never greasy so I don't have much use for blotting paper. Perhaps I should plan a tropical vacation so I can use it....

This lip balm is the bomb. I love Burt's Bees stuff, but I'd never tried the tinted balms, only the regular ones. It doesn't taste waxy and the color (Tiger Lily) looks natural on me. Some light colors look silly on me or don't show up because I have darker lips, but not this one. The color is light enough that it doesn't exactly look like lipstick, but light enough that if you apply it sloppily, it'll color your skin.

I was worried about the "tingling" when I saw this mask. I like using masks but don't like ones that make your face feel like it's covered in fire ants. This mud mask went on a dark brown and dried to a light brown. It had grainy bits in it but still went on smoothly. When I took it off (after waiting 15 minutes), my face was clean and soft and I felt refreshed.

I'm not a huge fan of cream eye shadows because I always find they crease. I applied this after priming with MAC Prep and Prime. The color was a lot lighter than I thought it would be based on the color in the jar (shade is called He Loves Me). It went on as an almost colorless shimmer. I didn't like it at first and wouln't wear it alone, but when I applied a charcoal shadow eyeliner (MAC Typographic) I liked the result. A few hours later, I noticed it had creased slightly, but nothing that a swipe of the finger couldn't fix. I don't think it'll be a "go-to" shade, but I'll probably wear it occasionally.

I think this month's box was good value for the money. The eyeshadow and lip balm were both full-size (at $8 and $7.99 each), the blotting paper is $24 for 100 sheets, and the mask is $78. There was a discount coupon included so you could order the mask for $50 off

If anyone is interested in buying a Glymm subscription (ot gifting one!), you can use my link. It's a very unique gift, especially for girls who are hard to buy for.

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