Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Posh Peplum

Did you know there were two huge fashion events last weekend?

One was the small show they call the Oscars. 

The dresses were gorgeous, but I'd be panicked wearing something like that. My favorite Oscar dress was apparently slaved over for three hundred hours by Louis Vuitton. Bet he'd be super-peeved if someone spilled nacho dip on it. Too much pressure.

Disclaimer: This photo wasn't taken by me. Security wouldn't let me in.

I love orange and I have full intentions of adding something or seven in this shade to my spring wardrobe. Michelle Williams' short hair is so cute. Not loving the pink clutch though.
I always wondered what peplum meant. It's that tutu-like thing around her waist.

Moving right along to the second  (much swankier) fashion event....

Mardi Gras at the Holiday Inn.

R and I were kindly invited to a charity fundraiser for the new hospital in Truro.

I wasn't going to buy something new because I already have a blue dress in my closet that I bought over a year ago with tags still on it that would have been perfect for this type of event.

But then I saw this dress.... and I had a weak moment.

Dress- Dynamite (Halifax)
Shoes- Le Chateau (Dartmouth)
Earrings and bracelet- What on Earth (Dartmouth)
Versa Spa spray tan - Glow de Soliel (Tantallon)

Sorry about the lighting ... the shoes and nails are red.

The decor was impressive and I especially loved this little cafe table photo op.

Sonya and Meaghan got their dresses at Moments boutique in Truro.

I'm sooooo excited for tomorrow! It's hump day AND I get to go to a shopping party with my friend Jenn. Double score.

Glitterary Girl

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