Thursday, February 16, 2012

Who's That Glitterary Girl?

Well hey there!
Do we know each other?

Likely yes, if you're reading this in the early days of my attempts at a blog. But I hear these blog things can spread quickly and before you know it your mother's hairdresser's friend's third cousin talks about your blog with her neighbour in line at the grocery store and suddenly you're famous.

That's exactly how it works, right?

I like to talk about things I like. Maybe some of my likes and your likes will overlap and you'll come back to visit. I can't promise you that I'll always write about stuff you're interested in, but I'll give you an idea about what you might find on my blog, and you can decide for yourself if we're going to be soulmates.

Me Likey:

  • Books. I read about as often as I breathe. I kinda wrote a novel too. I'm polishing it to shiny sparkling perfection and soon will be peddling it to agents. I'll likely receive tons of rejections, so the more friends I have through blogging, the better ... helps the self-esteem.
  • Clothes. Anyone who's traveled with me knows that my outfit itinerary is as important as my passport. Every day has a planned ensemble, right down to earrings and socks. My worst nightmare is randomly throwing things in a suitcase and having to wear a brown belt with grey jeans.
  • Yummy things. Including but not limited to: every cheese known to man, chocolate, and DavidsTea. Oh, and every so often I decide to go gluten, sugar, dairy, and red meat-free. Don't talk to me about pizza during these times if you want to be my friend.
  • Travel. There is an empty hole in my life when I don't have a trip planned. I avoid this boring situation as much as possible.
  • Current events. Especially the really important ones like who got kicked off The Bachelor last night and what Aria wore on Pretty Little Liars.

Oh, did you catch on that my name is a clever combination of "glitter" and "literary". Google tells me that I'm not the first one to come up with this word. Oh well.

Glitterary Girl

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