Thursday, June 11, 2015

Opening Party at Aritzia Halifax

Some stores have a "quiet" opening. Aritzia is NOT one of them! Amongst nibbles, white cosmos, great music, and of course a ton of amazing clothes, they showed Halifax how a store should announce their arrival.

Aritzia is a gorgeous retail space with the prettiest hardwood floors (I notice these things since we built our house), a big marble sales desk, and a fun but relaxing atmosphere. The dressing room area is enormous, and it has a full size comfy couch that I may try to hang out on some day with a iced chai latte.

The hosts for the evening were fellow Halifax bloggers (yay Aritzia for choosing local talent to represent), and they have way better photos of the event than I do, so I encourage you to check out Kayla and Ellen's posts on the opening party.

I tried on a bunch of things, but told myself I was only allowed to leave with one item (boring, eh?). I ended up picking a super versatile striped long shirtdress and I can't wait to debut it.

It followed me home... honest.

Ellen and Kayla
Super blurry- Kayla and me

I know I'll be visiting Aritzia on the regular. Hope to see you there!

Glitterary Girl

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