Monday, June 01, 2015

My Monthly Purchases: May 2015

Every month, I break down my clothing expenses and share them. I used to have a monthly budget, but partway through 2014, I switched to a quarterly budget of $500. This can be rolled into the next quarter if it's not all spent. My goal is to keep my out of pocket expenses within $2000 a year. Gifts and gift cards don't count towards my budget.

I came across some goodies this month. I was hoping to keep my spending low, but I just couldn't resist the Winners finds.

Jeans: Banana Republic (no longer available on-line)
Reg $110 on sale for $12.50
I'm doing a major closet purge right now (and selling it all - see here!) and I'm looking to replace my denim. Unfortunately, the jeans I'm drawn to most are not work appropriate (i.e distressed to destroyed). Therefore, I love when I find a nice work-appropriate jean that still looks and fits well but might not be the first thing I reach for on the weekend. Can't beat this price! They are a dark wash boot cut style.

Top: Diesel via Winners
Reg $200 on sale for $30.
I have a major crush on most things Diesel. It's one of those brands I lust over but cringe at the full-price cost. Lucky for me, our local Winners seem to have a lot of Diesel attire in the contemporary section. This is the coolest dress/tunic. It's made from a raffia-type material. I'll likely wear it mostly as a tunic, but it could be worn as a (short) dress if you layered it over a Forever 21 tank dress.

Shirt: Diesel via Winners
Reg $200 on sale for $20
Keeping on the Diesel train, I also bought a lovely dark denim shirt. It's not the long light chambray I've been searching for, but for $20, it's going to be a great replacement for my beloved Mavi shirt that has been with me for too long.

Sandals: Zara
Reg $30
The metallic detail on these caught my eye on the website, so I ordered them. They are somewhere on the spectrum between slightly uncomfortable and reasonably comfortable. I lasted a work day in them though! The heel height is great!

Leggings: Sweet Legs
Reg $25
My friend Terri has a huge inventory of these amazing leggings. I admit, I'm not usually a huge leggings fan, but these are so soft and comfy that I know they will get lots of mileage in my wardrobe. I have several neutral long tops that I can wear these with. Thanks for introducing me to this brand, Terri!

Sweater: Gap Factory Store
Reg $60 on sale for $12
New long sweater will be awaiting me next fall! I like the look of it unbuttoned.

Blazer: H&M
Reg $40. I used a $5 Conscious coupon to get it for $35
I already have a blazer in this color but I haven't been reaching for it as I find it a smidgen too small and therefore not so comfy. I've had a style revelation that I prefer flowy open blazers to button-ups. Good thing Aritzia opens in Halifax this week!

Mine is olive green

Pants: H&M
Reg $18
These are sister pants to the blue patterned ones I bought earlier this season. I had to get another color as I loved the first ones so much. They have both black and white in the pattern so it will be easy to coordinate tops.

Original value of items: $683
Price I paid: $183
I saved 73%

That leaves me $121 to spend in June. If I want to add my leftover birthday money, it's $251, but I'm trying to carry that to a potential outlet trip in July. I expect to get a little boost in my budget from the Closet Purge Hfx event that's happening on June 6th (this Saturday!)

Did you catch any great deals in May? I'm linked with Franish if you'd like to see how some of the other bloggers did with their May shopping.

Glitterary Girl


Cassie said...

I'm envious about the Diesel finds! Usually whenever I find something from Diesel it's in a weird wash or shape that's completely wrong for my body. I was happy with a lot of my finds in May, but only my Lou and Grey sweater came anywhere near the steals you found this month. Nicely done!

Jen said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Cassie! I love finding great deals!