Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday Right Now: 06/22/15

Reading: I just started Paper Towns by John Greene. The movie comes out soon and I wanted to read the book first, even though it feels like I never see the movie anyways. I enjoyed a few chapters over lunch today, along with a free frapp. If you haven't tried the S'mores one yet.... it is so good, and only around til August I've heard!

I finished Being Mortal by Atul Gawande yesterday. I HIGHLY recommend this non-fiction book to those in palliative care, medicine, nursing, or those who are dealing with aging parents or a terminal illness. Actually it should be a mandatory handbook for all of society so find it and read it. The Bear by Claire Cameron is a short book I read pretty quickly. It was a story about a little girl and her brother who are alone in the woods after their parents are mauled by a bear. Super-disturbing a good read.  Losing It by Cora Carmack is a hilarious new adult read that would be great for a beach vacation. I can't wait to read her other books.
Writing: Blog posts, to do lists (STILL so much house organizing to do!)
Clicking: I've recently started listening to music at work, which is a great way to make work seem not so work-ish. Electronic instrumentals and 80's dance hits seem to be the playlists that are keeping me entertained. I have to get up from my desk all the time (which is actually a good thing) so I never seem to get through more than a song or two uninterrupted.
Seeing: Trees, grass, and a golf flag blowing in the very strong wind. First full day of summer, you have been kinda fall-ish. This is alarming.
Smelling: Coconut water. I'm trying to get it down. I don't understand... I used to love coconut water. Now it's yuck.
Feeling: Nostalgic. I was searching for an email tonight and ended up coming across a bunch of old emails from people I've lost touch with. I miss you old friends I don't see anymore!
Watching: Regrettably, the most annoying show in the world. Pardon the Interruption. Not by choice.
Wearing: Black jeans, black tank, short sleeved kimono cardigan, Old Navy slippers that are falling apart after one month of wear.
Hearing: I'm playing Jealous by Nick Jonas (the bad version) to try to drown out Pardon the Interruption. Someone is not impressed by my singing.
Anticipating: Only four more weeks of work til my summer vacation! Plans are a bit up in the air right now, but it will be a much needed week of time away from all things work-related.

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