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Closet Tour: February 2015

Hello blog readers and happy weekend!

I've had some requests to show you around my closet. First of all, let's start off with how the closet came to be. R and I had toured a home that we loosely based our home design from. That home had four bedrooms upstairs and a large master walk-in closet. When we were making decisions for our own design, we decided to make the closet even bigger as there wasn't room in the house for a library, but I liked the idea of incorporating a small reading/writing/make-up area in the walk-in closet. 

The final product ended up being much more than I ever expected to have for a closet, but I love it and am so glad we sacrificed the space! 

I'm sure the closet will evolve as time goes by. It is very functional, but not as "pretty" as I want it to be. 

When you walk in, this is what's along the left wall.

I have a full length mirror propped on a box. I'm trying to decide whether I want to put the mirror on the wall or buy a self-standing mirror, so this is a temporary thing. I'm going to buy some nice wrapping paper to wrap the box in so it's not so ugly - it's the perfect height.

Next is the shelving. The top row is a bin of cleaning clothes, sweatpants, and old t-shirts. I used a box that one of my wedding shower gifts came in as a holder for my clutches. 

The next two rows are folded sweaters. I love having them on open shelves rather than in drawers. 

The next row is jeans and casual pants. I fold them so the back pockets are visible, which helps with identification. 

The next row is a box of bras in the middle (also a wedding shower gift box) and two round bins of underwear. 

The space on the floor is a small bin of socks and a larger bin of workout attire (tees, tanks, yoga pants, shorts, athletic socks, and sports bras). 

Adjacent to the shelving is where I hang most of my clothes. Along the top, and also above the shelving area, are my hats. The top left is blazers and vests. The top right is tops with colors and skirts. On the shelf under my skirts are sunglasses. The bottom right is clothes that I'm considering donating (they hang out there to see if I reach for them or not).  I also use this area for "outfits on deck".  I'll hang my next day's outfit here or if I suddenly think of pieces I want to try together, I'll hang them together to experiment with. I totally recommend using the slim-line hangers for your clothes. They save a ton of space compared to thick plastic ones. Maybe someday I'll have them in all the same color, but that's not something I was willing to spend money on at this time.

Around the corner is an "area in progress".  I have a hanging scarf holder, a space to hang clothes that aren't quite dirty but need to be washed after next wear, and a bin of clothes that need to be ironed or steamed. This wall also has a tall rod where my dresses and work pants hang. I'm considering moving them around as well as I feel they're kind of crammed in the corner, and with spring coming (at least, let's hope so) I'll be wearing dresses more. 

The next wall is some of my shoes. I have most of my summer shoes put away in the entry closet on a shelf. Most of my boots and sneakers are in the entry closet as well so I easy access to them as I'm going out the door.  I SO want to wear my wedding shoes and all of my flats again. Maybe in May! I use rolled up magazines to keep my boots standing tall - much easier than buying boot shapers.

Along the back wall of the closet is the shelving where I keep my jewelry. I like to rotate my stuff frequently so I'm more likely to wear a variety of baubles instead of always reaching for the same things. Under the jewelry is books, magazines, papers, stationery, etc. I need to get this area more organized.

The next wall is a window, and we keep our laundry hampers under the window. Opposite the jewelry wall is my table, which holds my makeup, brushes, my day planner (home of all my lists!), and my mirror. The box the mirror sits on is where I keep my receipts for recent purchases. I watch the morning news on the TV while I'm getting ready, and I also hang out here from time to time to read and blog. The chair is from Home Outfitters (Black Friday sale- $35!). The dresser the TV sits on is for R's stuff.

Around the corner from the TV is a wall with a tall rod. I have another scarf organizer, my cardigans, a few belt organizers, and my robe in this area. R has some folded things on the shelf above. I'm thinking of doing some swapping of the stuff in this area with other tall rod space (dresses/work pants).

The rest of the closet is R's stuff (which I didn't take photos of as I didn't want to have to make it photo-ready - ha!). He has a shelf area with both flat and angled shelves (angled shelves are for shoes and hats), and a decent amount of short rod space for clothes. 

As I make changes to the closet, I'll share some more photos. I definitely want some built-in shelving for my books and stationery, some photos for the walls (I already bought a few on sale at Chapters), a cork board for outfit inspiration, and pretty light fixtures.

Do you have any closet organization tips for me? I'm still trying to decide if I want to make room for my entire wardrobe - right now my strictly summer clothes are packed away. Once spring rolls around and I get out my shorts and stuff I'll have to see how the integrate into the mix.

Glitterary Girl

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