Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday Right Now 02.15.15

Halifax is experiencing what seems to be the 29th snow/rain/ice storm of the month today. Basically, February has been all about horrible driving conditions and stress about commuting to and from work. I'm so glad tomorrow is a holiday, so hopefully the roads will be in decent shape by the time I have to get to work on Tuesday.

Reading: I'm part way through The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks. I enjoy his books for an easy read. I just put Being Mortal by Atul Gawande on hold from the library.
Writing: Blog posts and wedding thank-you cards.
Clicking: With the recent Supreme Court of Canada ruling on physician assisted suicide, I've been doing a lot of reading on laws surrounding this topic in other places where it is legal. Opinion pieces are all over the Web as well. I work in palliative care, and I'm sure this will impact some of my clients. I am glad for the ruling, as I feel that no matter how good of a palliative care system is in place, there are some rare conditions/situations where good quality of life is simply not possible right up to the end of life. I think people should be allowed to make a decision to have an earlier exit instead of living in fear of how their disease will eventually overtake them. I've also been clicking on news articles/Facebook/Twitter around the planned mass shooting that was supposed to take place in Halifax yesterday. Considering one of the accused lived a few kilometers away in my community, it literally couldn't be any closer to home. I admit, I consciously stayed away from the malls yesterday and we decided not go to the Mooseheads game, as we just didn't want to be in a crowd situation. Driving through town last night to get our Valentine's Day Chinese food, there was a huge police presence around Halifax Shopping Centre. Rumours were that a bus was shot at, but it ended up being kids with slingshots.
Seeing: Ice covered windows!

Smelling: Febreeze air freshener as R just took out the garbage and it was stinky!
Hearing: Ice pellets hitting the windows
Watching: R and I watched the last half of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last night (only two months late...). I watched an episode of Pretty Little Liars today. The Bachelor is on tonight too, don't forget!
Feeling: Cozy. There's something relaxing about being stormed in.
Wearing: Lulu pants, a SF 49ers tee, and my gram's old sweater.
Anticipating: Four more days of work and then I have a week off! I won't be traveling anywhere too far- R is working. I plan on meeting a few important new babies and doing some shopping, blogging, and organizing. Maybe I'll finally get the closet to a place where I can give a little photo tour.

For all my Maritime readers - stay inside and warm. This is a doozy of a storm.

Glitterary Girl

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