Sunday, February 22, 2015

Smidgen of Spring

Buried under several feet of snow, I can't help but imagine a time a few months from now when it will be melted.

My legs cry when I even think of wearing a skirt these days. Ballet flats are completely impossible. I wouldn't even consider wearing destroyed denim without tights underneath. Can I make long johns a thing?

Here's an outfit I put together for a day when it's a degree or two above freezing. The floral scarf hints at spring, and keeping it in the same color family as the sweater makes pattern mixing a breeze.

Smidgen of Spring

Topshop breton top, 87 CAD / Topshop cotton parka, 96 CAD / AG Adriano Goldschmied destroyed skinny jeans, 395 CAD / Cole Haan slouchy ankle boots, 345 CAD / Michael Kors bracelet, 180 CAD / Tory Burch polishing gold jewelry, 110 CAD / Diane Von Furstenberg paisley scarve, 220 CAD

It's officially vacation time for me! I hope your weekend is full of wonderful things.

Glitterary Girl

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