Monday, February 16, 2015

Year Three: A Blogiversary

I figured I'd better do something fun for my blogiversary this year, considering last year I forgot all about it (oops...) I'm happy to say that today marks the third year of Glitterary Girl's existence! Yippee! I can honestly say I'm as happy with blogging today as I was when I launched the site. My blog is almost exactly what I hoped it would be - I could stand to be better connected, but I do feel that this past year has been about making stronger connections, which I'm grateful for. Thanks for those of you who've reached out to me for friendship and partnership!

My biggest thanks is to my loyal blog readers. Thanks for sticking by me even when I've been lazy! I would love to see more followers on my social media, so please take a moment to go to the top right side of the page and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin'. Another goal for this year is to be a better Instagrammer!

Three years = three cupcakes!

Jacket: Danier
Skirt: Banana Republic
Sweater: Gap
Booties: c/o Nine West
Tights: Calvin Klein
Necklace: Joe Fresh
Cupcakes: D & Jo's Country Market

What better way to spend a blogiversary than not having to work? Today is Nova Scotia's first Heritage Day! Previously we had a very long span between New Year and Easter with no holiday. It was quite torturous. We're still being urged to say off the roads due to yesterday's massive storm, so we've spent a good part of the weekend organizing the pantry and broom closet. Feels good to have that task checked off the to-do list!

Glitterary Girl

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