Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: The Ceremony Venue

The setting for our wedding ceremony was pretty important to R and I. We knew we wanted to do a hotel on the strip versus a chapel location, but there are so many options! We agreed we would prefer to have the ceremony outdoors, and Vegas in October (fingers crossed) should have temperatures in the low 20's.

We have a list of Vegas hotels we really want to stay in, and at the top of that list was Caesar's Palace. When we looked on Caesar's website and saw their outdoor options for weddings, we were struck by the beauty of Juno Garden.

I love all the white stone and tall palm trees and it's located by the Caesar's Palace pools, but is pretty secluded. Initially I was worried about the benches being uncomfortable, but our ceremony is going to be short, so people won't really be sitting for long.

We get a free night at Caesar's with the wedding package and we've decided to stay there for the duration of the trip. Caesar's is a central location on the strip and right beside the gorgeous fountains at Bellagio.

Hello says Ray!

I won't lie, the fact that the Cheesecake Factory and the giant fish tank with our friend Ray are both at Caesar's may have played a small part in our decision to stay there. 227 days to go!

Glitterary Girl

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