Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Sunday Currently 03.23.14


ReadingUglies by Scott Westerfeld. I'm a sucker for YA books. It's about a society where people are turned beautiful when they reach age 16. It's one of those ones where things abut the society keep being revealed as the story goes on. I found it in my book room at work. I have three new magazines to dig into too!
Writing: A few blog posts today and a few more tomorrow. I like having them done and scheduled in advance.
Listening: To two men talking in french beside me at Starbucks. It's actually quite nice to have the background chat and not really be able to understand it.... makes it easier to concentrate. I've had a Songza list on high rotation - Every 90's Summer Dance party.
Thinking: About lots of money-related things lately. Does this mean I'm a grown up?
Smelling: The Iced Vanilla Latte sample the Starbucks barista just put in front of me. LOVE the smell of coffee. Hate the taste. I did drink it though.
Wishing: Circumstances could change so that some very important couples would be able to make it to our wedding.
Hoping: That this massive storm due to arrive on Wednesday appears as rain and not snow. Seriously, we have had enough.
Wearing: Colored jeans, a tunic, circle scarf and boots. Sunglasses indoors as I'm beside a window and the sun is directly on me.
Loving: That I finally found Dove Dry Shampoo at Target! I've been looking for it for ages.
Wanting: A getaway! Vancouver trip is in 24 days. Can't wait to see some friends and hit up Topshop, Zara, J Crew, and the Joe Fresh stand-alone store. Dying to sink my teeth into a Beard Papa too!

Vinyl Edge Paint Satchel
TOPSHOP at the Bay: How cute is this pink bag?
Linen cardigan
J Crew Linen Cardigan: More pink! 

Needing: A free refill on my green tea. Gotta love the gold card. I love being here at Starbucks so early in the morning... and by early I mean 10:30. That is early for a Sunday! I was up to catch the new Sarah Stevenson for Target launch. I'll blog more on that later this week.
Feeling: Optimistic and looking forward to some more big changes this year!

Glitterary Girl

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siddathornton said...

Uglies is next on my list. i can't WAIT to read it!