Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sarah Stevenson for Target

One of my absolute favorite things to do fashion-wise is to anticipate and shop a Target designer collaboration. Sarah Stevenson for Target is the third collaboration that has happened since Target opened in Halifax. I was late to find out about this one - I think I heard about it in late February. 

Sarah Stevenson is a Canadian designer (yay!)  who won the Emerging Talent Award last year, and with it, the opportunity to partner with Target. There are 15 pieces in the collection and no piece is over $60.

My goal was to take my camera to Target and get some photos of the display, but at 8:00 AM on a Sunday, I was lucky to remember to wear shoes going out the door. I had the racks to myself that early in the morning. Halifax seems to not care that much about Target collabs - better choices for me! As with the Peter Pilotto collection in February, 

The pieces were so pretty, butI didn't come away with the Sarah Stevenson piece I was most hopeful for - the black pants second from the left below.

Sarah Stevenson for Target
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I admittedly have a difficult time with most elasticized pants as I have a really really long waist and they won't stay put. I think if I want to have any luck with a pair of relaxed pants this spring, I'll have to find ones that have a button closure or really strong elastic.

I actually liked the floral pants better than the black ones - I have a very similar patterned pair from H&M. The blazer was stunning, but if I buy another blazer my closet will auto-eject it (so.many.blazers.)

What I did come away with was this lovely solid/printed dress. I can already picture so many ways to style it (with a red cardigan, my white leather coat, a jean jacket, and my 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target navy blazer to name a few).

One thing that has stopped me from going insane at the last few Target collaborations is that they are SO fast at marking down the pieces. The Peter Pilotto stuff was marked down less than a month after the launch, which was before I even wore the piece I bought (I'm into delayed gratification when it comes to clothes). There is a pretty white tunic from this collection that I may keep my eye on since it would be too summery to wear yet anyway.

Congrats Sarah on a lovely collaboration! 

Glitterary Girl


Camille Grant said...

When did the collab come out I am dying over the pants and blazer combo.

Guilty of Glitz

Jen said...

It launched on Sunday. Beautiful stuff!