Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday Treasures: Nail Polish Fit for a Bride

This week on Tuesday Treasures, I'd like some wedding advice! It will be very hard for me not to do something bold on my nails for my wedding, as I'm not a neutral nails girl by nature. However, I don't want to be looking at photos 25 years from now and questioning my choice of nail art. I think I'd better stick to classic on this one.

Pick your treasure! What's your favorite neutral wedding-appropriate nail color? Brides of the past, I want to know what YOU wore on your big day!

My pick: OPI Glints of Glinda from the Oz the Great and Powerful collection.

 NLT59 Glints of Glinda By OPI
Image from Sparkle Canada

I love this as much as I can love a neutral polish, but I know myself, and I know I'm going to want something new for the wedding. There are a few shades in the new OPI Muppet Collection that look promising - I Love Applause and Chillin' Like a Villain.

Glitterary Girl


Jacqueline Ayoub said...

I had a French mani on my fingers and toes! Downfall was that it chipped on our honeymoon and I couldn't re-touch it as easily as I could have with a solid colour.

Jacqueline Ayoub said...
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Kerri said...

Jen, Jen, Jen!!! You should always have a shellac mani before a wedding or a trip of any kind. I never have to worry about my nails when traveling as long as I have shellac on. I only do this for times when I know I won't be able to get a mani or pedi on vacay or I won't want to take the time out (like when I am in Vegas).