Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Canadian Tux

Last year, I was obsessed with getting leather pants. I didn't. You're welcome.

This year, I was obsessed with getting pants that looked kind of like leather but "breathed" more. There are lots of leather-like leggings out there, but I wanted something I could wear with more tops, since we all know leggings aren't pants and therefore must be worn with a long top.

The solution? Waxed jeans. They give the sheen of leather, but the comfort of soft denim.

Jeans: Gap
Cardigan: Joe Fresh
Tank: H&M
Scarf: Costa Blanca
Shoes: Keds
Jacket: Old Navy

I believe this is the first time I've sported the "Canadian Tux" - aka denim on denim. I've been scared of trying it, but I think all the layers going on here help to break up the two denims.

Nails: Joe Fresh "Pumpkin"
I'm busy tonight packing for my weekend trip to Toronto! A few days with the BFF and some retail therapy are just what I need. A new job and no vacation since May makes for a much needed getaway! BTW... my monthly clothing budget doesn't apply when I go on vacation.

What are your thoughts on the denim on denim look?

Glitterary Girl


Stephanie Koch said...

You rock that Canuck-Tux girl haha! I wear denim on denim all the time, and I have to agree it is key to either break it up, or pick really different shades and textures on top and bottom. I am still obsessed with owning a variety of leather pants though. Sorry I'm not sorry haha.

grace and gratitude said...

i'd never heard of the "canadian tux" before...even though i do it all the time, haha.
great outfit!