Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Little Loves Lately 08.10.13

These three things are bringing me joy these days, in no particular order.

Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask (image from website)

Intense Hydrating Mask

My hair stylist has been telling me to try this for years. I finally did. Yes, it's pricey which is why I've been stubborn about not trying it. Whatever the price (around $40 if I remember correctly), you need to use so little of it that I'm sure it will last over a year with weekly use. One thing I found confusing. . . the instructions on the product say to use a teaspoon and the instructions on the website say to use "a generous amount." I'm sticking with the teaspoon, it's enough to coat my hair. It makes my hair really soft and shiny and my co-workers asked me if I just had my hair done after I used it.

The Social (image from website)

What We Wore: the Sept. 24 edition

Canada has needed a talk show like this for a long time. The Social has four lady hosts, which sounds familiar, but is far more fun than The View in my opinion. The hour-long starts with a segment on hot topics and then usually progresses to guests - sometimes celebrities and sometimes not. I have a serious love for their outfits, and you can find out the brands they are wearing every day on the website.The ladies are not afraid of voicing their opinions, and I adore that the content is relevant to Canada. Totally worth the DVR space.

Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots

Gone are the days of dotting my own nails when I have this polish to do all the hard work for me.

It needs three coats for opacity and lasts almost a week with normal tasks. The bad part... it's murder to get off, as are most glitter polishes. I'll be putting a base coat on next time to see if it helps. I bought this for $2.50 on sale at Superstore. I should have bought the other colors too!

Have you fallen in love with anything lately?

Glitterary Girl

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