Monday, August 19, 2013

The Monday Currently 08/19/2013

I spent part of Sunday morning at Martinique Beach

What a beautiful weekend we had! I'm linked with siddathornton today for a "hey what's going on with you?" link-up. 


Reading: Love All by Callie Wright. I'm about 75% done and it's a solid debut novel written from the perspectives of several different family members. I'm also reading fall fashion issues of my favorite magazines - gotta love 3/$10 at Walmart!

Writing: Blog posts and lots of client health information at work. I like being thorough! 

Listening to: R sitting across from me, tapping away on computer keys. The birds are chirping... I'll miss those sounds when they leave for warmer climates in the fall. 

Thinking: Weighing in on the pros and cons of wedding destinations. All-inclusive down south is so easy and tempting, but there is also the pull of Vegas. 

Smelling: My ten new Bath and Body Works hand soaps! Ten for $30 and another $10 off. Superb deal! They have the fall scents out now. Two of my favorites are Vermont Sugar Maple and Sonoma Vineyard Berries. I always try to get my soaps on serious sale because I feel bad buying them (drugstore ones are so much more cost-effective). This haul was guilt-free at $2 a pop.
Wearing: Legging jeans, a tank top, and slippers. Nicole by OPI  in Believe It, Do It (a bright pink) on my nails

Loving:That my BFF and I get to hang out this weekend!

Wanting: My own personal hairstylist for every day.

Needing: Nothing. I'm feeling lucky in life right now :)

Feeling: A bit sleepy. We went to an amazing party on Saturday so it means playing a few days of catching up on rest. Well worth it.

Clicking: Who What Wear - I forgot how great this website is!

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