Monday, July 29, 2013

The Sunday/Monday Currently 07.29.13

The lovely blog siddathornton does Sunday currently... but I'm a day late linking up (oopsie). Here's my current list.

currently dreaming about:

Colorful shoes to pair with a black dress for a September wedding. 

 Gorgeous Vince Camutos. They are in my possession but not sure if they will pass the comfort test.

currently wishing for:

A housekeeper. Preferably one who also bakes cookies.

currently loving to wear:

I've been wearing denim shorts a lot these past few weeks and I have an old pair of jeans begging to be turned into cut-offs.

currently listening to:

Radio tunes on the way to work.... puts me a good mood for the day.

currently watching:

The Bachelorette. Dyiiiiing to find out tonight what all the drama is about. I have my theory - let's see if I'm right. 

currently reading:

I keep putting down The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest. I cannot get into it but am determined to finish the series, however slowly. At the library, I picked up The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P by Adelle Waldman. I'm barely into it yet, but I think it'll be good. Seems to me, it was a recommended read from Cosmo or another magazine.

currently concerned about:

The difficulty I have in making decisions. Where to get married... what color countertop to put in the kitchen....what color to paint my nails... whether to go red with my hair, go back to lots of blond highlights, or keep it brown (bye bye roots)

currently loving:

Summer....Molson Canadian Cider... working 3 minutes away from Halifax Shopping Center... alpacas

currently planning:

A busy August. Friends are arriving in town for a mini-reunion (so excited!). R and I will also be going to a giant cottage party, I'll be attending a wedding shower for a friend, and we have a potential trip to New Brunswick in the works.

Glitterary Girl

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siddathornton said...

i loved the girl with the dragon tattoo series, but hornet's nest was definitely the most difficult for me to get through. power through - the ending is worth it!