Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Sunday Currently (06/23/13)

I'm linking with siddathornton for a Sunday Currently post. I hope everyone has had a great weekend!

Yup, darker hair. My camera isn't great at selfies.

Currently. . . 

READING: Magazines. Lou Lou's summer edition to be exact. No novels for me right now which is rare.
WRITING: Blog posts at Starbucks right now. Also I've been busy furiously scratching down so much information for work as I'm orienting to a new position. Week one of a six week training period is now complete. 
LISTENING: I am such a Daft Punk fan and I love their track Get Lucky.
THINKING: How easily time flies when you're trying to catch up on blogging. Have I seriously been here for two hours? Yes. I'm hungry. . . stop tempting me, cake pop.
SMELLING: Coffee! Hate the taste, love the smell.
WISHING: There were more hours in the weekend. 
HOPING: We were at a wedding last night and I hope the bride and groom have a lifetime of love and happiness! They looked so happy :)
WEARING: Black shorts, black and white dragonfly print shirt, flip flops, and sunglasses (I'm by a window).
LOVING: My new fiance and my new ring. It's a miracle I haven't rear-ended someone this week staring at my left hand.
WANTING: That freaking cake pop. NO!
NEEDING: To buy Revenge Wears Prada. I cannot wait to read it!
FEELING: Hungry - we've already gone over this.
CLICKING: Look at this gorgeous dress Cara is wearing! I love her blog (A Fashion Love Affair).  I'm glad another 5'3'' girl has a thing for maxi dresses - I'm not alone!

Glitterary Girl 

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siddathornton said...

i love your hair! i've been darkening mine lately, too, & i just love it. darker hair seems more romantic to me, for some reason.

i need a good ole starbucks blogging session soon - i used to go at least once a week to work on all my posts. it's been too long since i've done that!