Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Night Out: Celebrity Studies with Lainey

I had no idea what to expect when I was invited to spend an evening chatting celebrity scandal with Lainey from e Talk. This was her second year hosting the Faculty of Celebrity Studies at FRED in Halifax, but the first year I had the pleasure of attending.

The evening started with some yummy cocktails (mixed with vitaminwater- if you're gonna indulge might as well make the mix good for you), delicious finger foods, and mingling. Then Lainey took the stage and hosted a few hours of terrific conversation centered around celebrity gossip. The chat got quite lively, and at times was a lot deeper than I expected, especially when the conversation turned to the topic of how babies have become one of the hottest accessories in Hollywood.

Lainey was an amazing moderator and really got the audience talking (except for the shy ones like me). I'm much more a listener in those situations. Lainey said that both years she's held the evening in Halifax, a big celebrity scandal broke out right before the event. In 2012 it was the Twilight cheating drama, and this year was Reese's "Do you know who I am?" speech. Yes -we talked about Reese. No - Lainey wasn't shocked by her comment.

Fred brought out some of his delicious cupcakes for our recess. I tried the chocolate almond and the lemon (don't judge me - they were minis and darn worth it).

Me, Lainey, Kerianne, Kayla
My outfit included a tunic from Forever 21, shoes from Le Chateau, and an Ann Taylor blazer.

Check out another post on the evening by Kayla from Short Presents.

Lainey, come back next year please! We loved having you! If you don't follow Lainey's blog already, it's a perfect (and totally entertaining) way to keep up with celebrity happenings.

Glitterary Girl


Unknown said...

Sounds like a fantastic night Jenn! Very cool!

Short Presents said...

This was such a fun night!! :) your photo is SOOOO much clearer than mine haha ! thanks for posting this!