Friday, May 03, 2013

Forever Floral?

Flowers are everywhere this spring and I'm not just talking about in the garden. Shirts, dresses, pants, jeans, bags - buds are blooming. For this week's link up with longdistanceloving titled May Flowers (after last week's April Showers) I'm in an outfit with a touch of floral, as I prefer this trend in small doses.

Jacket: Danier (Halifax)
Jeans: Target (San Francisco)
Shirt: American Apparel (Vancouver)
Sneakers: Skechers (The Shoe Company, Halifax)

If you're looking to dabble in this trend without going overboard, I suggest this fabulous Zara scarf (they ship to Canada now). I LOVE the pattern and you can pull so many colors from it to complete your look.

Have you embraced the floral trend, or are you happy to keep your flowers in pretty vases? My prediction: florals will still be hot for fall.

Glitterary Girl


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Those pants are super cute! They're not too bold but still incorporate the trend :)

siddathornton said...

I absolutely LOVE those pants. They are super wearable & are a very chic nod to the floral trend.

birdie to be said...

Great pants! Love the look!

Blue Dog Belle said...

Oh... I love that scarf!

Stephanie Koch said...

I love these pants; super subtle! I love floral print, and even though I am not shy about a loud print I am always careful to balance it with something less frilly! This is one of my favorite looks from you!

Mary @ The Classy Cubicle said...

Love those jeans!

The Classy Cubicle