Friday, May 24, 2013

Miami Vice

It's Memorial Day weekend south of the border! Here in Canada, we had our Victoria Day long weekend last week (thank goodness for Monday off as I was exhausted from traveling). I'm linking up with longdistanceloving for an outfit that best represents the holiday, so I saved the red, white, and blue for today. 

Shirt: BB Dakota (Twisted Muse, Halifax)
Tank: Le Chateau (Halifax)
Skirt: Gap (Halifax)
Shoes: Aldo (Halifax)
Clutch: Guess (Century 21, NYC)
Earrings: The Black Market (Halifax)
Belt: Forever 21 (South Portland)

I wish I could take all the scenery from Jamaica home with me... It was heaven for a style blogger. My photographer (mom) was incredibly patient and took all the photos. I almost fired her after she dropped my camera lens first into the sand, but it survived. Even if it had've broken, it would've forced me to buy a "real one", which wouldn't be a bad thing :)

Miami Vice
5 oz 151 “overproof” rum
1 can frozen piña colada mix
1 can frozen daiquiri mix
2 c. ice
Fresh strawberries
Blend piña colada mix with 2.5 oz of rum and 1 c. ice in a blender. Set aside. Blend daiquiri mix with 2.5 oz of rum and 1 c. ice in a blender. Fill half a glass with the piña colada, rum and ice mixture then add the daiquiri, rum and ice mixture to the top. Garnish with strawberries.
I don't even want to think about how many calories were in one of these drinks, but they were SO GOOD!

Glitterary Girl

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Christina Chen said...

You look so lovely in this outfit! I love the patterns on your blouse, and it goes so well with the jean skirt :) Your poor mom probably felt bad after she almost broke your camera hehe... but she did a GREAT job taking the pictures!!

Glad I found your blog today!
Sunny with a side of...