Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Good Girl Goes Bad

Those who know me know I can't live without my leather jackets. The problem is, unless I'm outside, the leather aspect of the outfit is gone as soon as I go indoors and take off my outerwear. 

Not so with this shirt! I love the leather detail at the collar and down the front and back.

Photo by Amanda Brownhill Photography
Shirt: Club Monaco (Halifax)
Jeans: Old Navy (Halifax)
Shoes: Nine West (Edmonton)
Bag: Coach (Halifax)
Bracelet: Joe Fresh (Halifax)

I wore this outfit to an In Flight Safety concert at The Marquee in Halifax back in March. Yes, I know that was a long time ago, but I'm hoarding the photos from my session with Amanda (only one more left to share).

The Bachelorette starts again on May 27th! Can't wait! I feel like there hasn't been much on TV lately... which is fine because I've been super crazy busy with things far more interesting than TV. I'm looking forward to a very relaxing time next week in the tropics!

Glitterary Girl

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Mary Fisher-MacDonnell said...

Ok, I'll ask - how do you launder a shirt with leather details? I recently looked at a skirt with leather detail and was scared off by the "dry clean" only tag.