Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Spirits and Stripes

As I shiver in the chilly Halifax weather (I should have ordered a hot chai latte instead of iced!), I can't help but wish I were back in the heat of Jamaica. 

The off-centeredness of my necklace bugs me

Dress worn as tank and skirt: Forever 21 (South Portland)
Sandals: Aldo (Vancouver)
Bag: Coach (Halifax)
Bracelet: Boutique in St. John's
Necklace: A/X Armani Exchange (NYC)

Bad photo of me, good photo of infinity pool
 One of the highlights of the trip was a nighttime guided tour of the Great Hall, a mansion built on a plantation in the 1770's. Legend has it that the mansion is haunted by the ghost of Annie Palmer, her three murdered husbands and many slave lovers.

Note the creepy face in the mirror. It only showed up in a few photos. Clever special effects or  a lost soul?
While the tour succeeded in creeping me out a bit, the scarier components were the bats flying around outside and the hundreds of black flies (many used my arms as a buffet).

If you get the chance to visit the Great Hall, it's a fun experience. History buffs will love the antiques and silk wallpaper.

Glitterary Girl

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Style-Delights said...

YOu look beautiful- what a clever idea to wear dress as a tank! And as my husband is out of town and I just saw this creepy mirror face - I blame you for a sleepless night!!:-) Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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