Monday, March 18, 2013

Novel Tea: Part 16

For those of you who follow the blog for its (small yet occasionally present) literary component you'll like this post. I haven't shared my latest reading in far too long.

I cycle through times when I read a ton and times when I read not so much. For about a year after I finished university, I didn't want to read anything but magazines because I finally didn't have to read. I'm in one of those times again where I'm not reading as much. If I have some spare time, I'm more likely to catch up on some DVR, read blogs, or pick up a magazine. I know I'll soon circle around to voracious novel consumption again, but for now I won't force it.

I'll share with you two of the four books I've read since the holidays.

Kin by Lesley Crewe was a book I purchased at Word on the Street back in September. Lesley was kind enough to sign my copy and have a short chat with me about persevering with my novel. Lesley told me I was to read Kin myself first, then share it with my family members as we have roots in Cape Breton and this book is saturated with Cape Breton-isms. So far, mom and I have read it and we both enjoyed it very much. It's a novel that focuses on characterization, and by the time you finish the story, you feel as though you know the people you've just read about. Highly recommended and laugh out loud funny in parts, but be sure to have some Kleenex handy too!

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks was one of those books that I couldn't put down. Once I hit a certain part, I was itching to figure out what would happen next. The movie was good, but if you read the book, you'll notice some changes they made to the movie that make it less twisty and satisfying than the novel. Unfortunately, the printed version doesn't have Josh Duhamel, so if you haven't dipped into Safe Haven yet, read it first, then see the movie.

DAVIDsTEA has their spring collection out! I was happy to see Daydreamer -a favorite of mine from last year. So far I've tried Pom Tango and Coconut Oolong. Both are amazing, but I caution not to oversteep or use too hot water for Coconut Oolong as it "burns" easily. When brewed properly it is so sweet. I really love the oolongs. Yesterday I made a quick trip to the mall and couldn't resist picking up a cup of iced Big Apple - a great thirst quencher!

I'm not an on-line shopper generally (except books) BUT that may change soon. Zara now has an on-line store for Canada with free shipping over $50 and free returns. My two main reasons for not shopping on-line (shipping and returns) are not an issue. I saw this dress and died a little.

I'm really into the black and white look for spring/summer and this dress has  faux leather accents - another one of my loves! Also the back panel is black allowing me to sit in all sorts of things (ketchup! mud! cheesie dust!) without ruining the dress. It's hard to tell by the photo, but I think the white on the front is the faux leather part.

Glitterary Girl


Stylishlyme said...

I'm not a huge online shopper either. But I have bought things from zara online. They just started selling in the US online last year and I was very excited too.


Sarah with a Bow said...

I'm gonna go back and read about the books in just a moment, but I'm totally in love with that dress! Ahh!