Friday, March 01, 2013

Coast to Coast Post: Glitterary Girl Meets Inherited Jeans

Isn't making a new friend one of the greatest things? Okay, so technically Stephanie at Inherited Jeans and I have never met, but I'm sure if we weren't three time zones apart (Calgary vs. Halifax) we'd do all sorts of girly-stuff together.

Steffi and I have been commenting so much on each other's blogs that we decided to do a coast to coast collaboration post on outfit options for a rainy Canadian day. As life goes, the day I planned on shooting these photos was a little too rainy... like camera-dies-via-drowning rainy. So instead I became the neighborhood crazy girl, posing for photos with an umbrella in sub-zero temperatures. Any precipitation happening would certainly have fallen as snow.

Sweater: Vince via Winners
Dress: Winners 
Scarf: American Apparel
Boots: Call it Spring 
Umbrella and tights: Gifts
Bracelets: Joe Fresh and Club Monaco 
Earrings: What on Earth 

I nearly fell over when I spotted this Vince sweater at Winners. Vince is one of those brands I used to lust over at Holt Renfrew when I lived in Vancouver. Gorgeous, but usually out of my comfort zone in terms of price.

Circle scarves are fabulous to wear in the rain. You can flip one of the loops up over your hair in hopes of avoiding the dreaded frizzies.

Here's how the lovely Stephanie showed us her transitional style.

Coat: H&M
Denim shirt: Joe Fresh
Leopard Blouse: Equipment
Pants: J Brand
Boots: Sam Edelman
Hat: Club Monaco

I adore her hat -  it would work well to save her hair if showers were in the forecast. That coat and those boots were made for each other and I love how the same color is in her animal-print shirt (makes it pop even more).

She's layered to perfection, which is essential for surviving spring in Canada (is it almost here?)

We hope you enjoyed the collaboration post!

How do you dress for unpredictable weather?

Glitterary Girl

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bashashhazbaz said...

i love both outfits. you look great in them!