Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dear Navy, Love Green

Navy and emerald is one of my favorite color combinations. It's the right time of year for a splash of spring colors.... but we still need to be reasonable with respect to the climate.

Living in Atlantic Canada, it's essential for a good portion of your wardrobe to be wearable all year round. For example, although I want it to be warm and spring-like right this second, there is (once again) snow on the ground. Le sigh.

This button-up and the green jeans are multi-season items that can be cozy-ed up with the addition of the knit hat and warm scarf. The flats aren't exactly snow-proof but could pass for a dinner date that involves minimal walking outdoors.

How cute are those crown earrings?

Dear Navy, Love Green

I hope you're liking my new hobby of outfit boards... I haven't had many of my own outfit posts up on the blog lately. That will change soon!

Glitterary Girl

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